You say Skewers... I say Alambres!

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Mexican Beef Kababs Alambres

Brochetas or Alambres  are our Mexican beef kebabs; they are made with a few ingredients that include onion, green pepper, bacon and beef. They are really easy to prepare and we love to grill them on our small cast iron Hibachi grill. But if you have a gas grill the results are still delicious. I sometimes prepare them indoors in my stove top cast iron grill. I live in an apartment and grilling outdoors is one of the things that we miss the most. In Mexico, like in many countries we love to grill our “carnes asadas” (grilled meats) using charcoal. And, even though we like to grill different cuts of meat, for this recipe is better to use a tender cut like beef tenderloin or rib eye since, these are some of the finest cuts of meat form the cow that render softer, juicer and flavorful steaks.

Three Peppers Stew - Guisado a los tres chiles

Three pepper stew cerdo a los tres chiles

I love stews made with dry peppers. Somehow the combination of roasted peppers and spices creates a very rich sauce that can be used with pork, beef, chicken, and even by itself for enchiladas or chilaquiles.

The three pepper stew, called “guisado a los tres chiles”, is made using three types of peppers, usually the base of this sauce will be guajillo pepper and ancho pepper, plus a third pepper that will add spiciness and flavor to the stew. Some cooks add chipotle pepper or arbol pepper to the combination of the guajillo and ancho pepper. I guess that is a personal choice or whatever peppers the cook has available,  since not all peppers grow in the same region of the country. If you have morita peppers, or piquin peppers you can use them for your third pepper on this stew. Not all recipes call for the use of sesame seeds, but I find that their flavor really adds an extra punch to the dish, besides the thickening effect on the final texture of the sauce.


Avocado, Tomato, Corn Salad Recipe

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Today’s recipe is for a delicious Avocado, Tomato, Corn Salad that’s perfect to enjoy this time of year. In Mexico, we love avocados. We even have some jokes about how disappointed we feel after eating a meal and realizing that we forgot about that perfectly ripe avocado that we had in the kitchen! Meals are just so much better with a few slices of avocado, we even call it the “Mexican butter.” They have good fats and nutrients, plus you can’t deny they’re delicious. Avocados are the perfect spring and summer addition to your meals and salads, even though we eat them year-round.

Sometimes I wish I could have an avocado tree like my mom does in Mexico, and be able to just go outside and cut a ripe and nutritious avocado! Lucky for me, I can find Avocados From Mexico at my local grocery store.

Mango Mousse Recipe

Quick Mango Mousse recipe in just 5 minutes.
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Quick Mango Mousse Recipe

This Mango Mousse recipe is one of the first desserts I learned how to make as a newlywed. That was back when I first started buying cooking books in order to prepare meals for my husband, who at that time had a broader culinary experience than I did. This is a very easy and quick recipe to make, and it only requires a few ingredients.  I promise you that you will impress your family and guests with this Mango Mousse! I used DOLE® Mango slices (the ones that come in a jar) for this recipe; the fruit always looks beautiful and has a nice texture.

I love to have these types of canned fruits in my pantry, since they are so convenient and I love their quality. The best part of them is that no matter what season of the year you’re in, you can always make this type of dessert for your family with Dole canned fruits! It really makes life easier for today’s moms.

How to Make a Tasty Milanesa

Mexican Milanesa recipe, a step by step photo tutorial with delicious results.

Today we have a Milanesa recipe. “Milanesa” refers to a thin cut of meat that is breaded and pan fried, and then served with fried potatoes, a salad, and sometimes rice and beans. It is considered a main dish in many states of México and other Latin American countries, where it is a favorite with children and adults alike.
Mexican Milanesa recipe, a step by step photo tutorial with delicious results.
Besides the main dish, the Menu includes Soup of the day, Rice, Beans, and a Fresh Fruit Drink.  About $3.50 US
Mexican Milanesa recipe, a step by step photo tutorial with delicious results.
This type of milanesa recipe is one of the many dishes regularly offered in small-kitchen restaurants called “Cocinas Económicas”. These restaurants are usually located close to office buildings or industrial areas, in order to cater to the hungry workers at lunch time; here they can get a 3-course meal called "Comida Corrida"  at an affordable price. These small restaurants will serve the main dish with soup, salad, rice or beans, and dessert, all for around 4 or 5 dollars. The cook usually offers 2 or 3 options as a main dish, like “Caldo de res”, Chiles Rellenos, or Asado de Puerco, just to mention a few. Milanesas are (most of the time) part of the daily menu.They can be made with beef, chicken or even pork. Cocinas Económicas are really busy places around noon time because lunch is the main meal of the day in México.

Easy Chicken Stew - Olla Tapada


Olla Tapada is an easy and versatile chicken recipe.

Would you like an easy recipe where you just place everything in a pot and you don’t have to worry about stirring, toasting, grinding, blending, or watching the meal for hours? Then this recipe for Olla Tapada is for you! “Olla Tapada” means “covered pot”, and this dish is usually made in a large, deep clay pot.

Last year, I saw several posts all over social media about a “no-recipe” chicken dish, and when I saw what it was I thought about this meal right away, since it is the same process: place the chicken, veggies, herbs, and wine in the pot and simmer until done.

This "Olla Tapada" recipe is more common in the states of Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Chiapas, where the typical vegetables used are carrots, potatoes, and chayotes, but I have found that cooks in Chiapas have many variations of this dish that can use green peas, red peppers, plantains, oregano, saffron, and even Achiote paste. All this is cooked with wine and vinegar; some use Sherry wine, too. If you don’t want to use wine or vinegar, you can use chicken broth as a substitute.
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