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Friday, November 27, 2015

Mexican Candied Sweet Potato & Yucatan Style Sweet Potato and Coconut Candy

This is a compensated post in collaboration with California Sweetpotatoes and Latina Bloggers. All recipes and opinions are my own.
Yes, I know that it’s August and many of you don’t even think about cooking sweet potatoes until mid-October, but sweet potatoes are good for you any time of the year, so here you have two new recipes to enjoy sweet potatoes with! Surprisingly, it’s almost the end of August and we haven’t had a day over 90 degrees in weeks here in the DC metro. In fact, there are some days that I need a light sweater to go out in the morning! This cooler weather has made our afternoon coffee more enjoyable, and we can try some warmer desserts like these sweet potato candies (we usually like having our coffee with sweet bread or cookies). We always have sweet potatoes on hand at home, and ever since I learned of their health benefits in my nutrition classes, they’ve been a common staple in my kitchen.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mexican Bread Pudding - Budín de Pan

                                                                                       En español
Mexican Bread pudding-Budin de pan

Mexican bread pudding, known as “Budín de Pan”, is popularly sold at bakeries, usually made from the sweet breads that were not sold the day before. Some bakers prepare their bread pudding with shredded coconut, candied figs, and chopped pecans, in addition to the common use of raisins. Mexican bread pudding is also made at home – a good tool for savvy homemakers that like to make good use of leftover bread. The Mexican version of bread pudding is a little bit more compact than the one made in other countries, where the final texture is more light and fluffy. Bread pudding in Mexico is usually cut into brick-shaped slices when sold at bakeries.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Blackberry Atole / Atole de Zarzamora

Blackberry atole masa drink mexico mora

As soon as the weather gets a little chilly, I want to start baking, cooking stews, and making atoles. Atole is a thick and hot Mexican drink made with corn that can have as many flavors as you can imagine. In this case it’s Blackberry Atole, or in Spanish, Atole de Zarzamoras. This version of Atole is popular in the central states of Mexico, especially in the state of Michoacán where the production of blackberries is the largest in the country. I didn’t know about blackberry atole until I went to live in Toluca in the State of Mexico, which happens to be next to Michoacán. The people from the nearby farms used to sell the blackberries at the local market, and the small eateries at the market offered the atole as part of their selection of hot drinks. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mexican Ropa Vieja (old clothes)

Mexican ropa vieja recipe

Ropa Vieja (which translates to “old clothes”) is a dish that is popular in Cuba, and many Latin American countries, obviously including Mexico. We have our own versions that change from one region to another.  This stew consists of shredded beef cooked with vegetables in a tomato broth. Some Mexican cooks add hot peppers and other sweet peppers. Many housewives like to prepare this dish when they have leftover meat and vegetables from a Sunday roast, or a beef soup like the popular Caldo de Res”.
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