Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mexican Pork Carnitas Torta

Mexican pork carnitas torta

 This type of torta was sold at a street food stand in my hometown of Tampico, Tamaulipas, many years ago. The stand was located at the corner of the municipal market one block from the Maritime Terminal; it was a busy area, since the train station was also close by. For some reason, these sandwiches were only sold in the evenings. Sometimes my dad would buy some tortas to bring home for dinner, but since we didn’t live close to that area, the sandwiches were already cold when my father arrived home. We still enjoyed them anyway, since it wasn’t very often that we got to have them. Nowadays, I prefer to have them cold, just to go back in time to those moments with my dad!

Mexican pork carnitas torta

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Homemade Red Hot Sauce

Homemade Red Hot Sauce recipe

 In Mexico, bottled hot sauce is used everyday to spice up street fare such as potato chips, fruit cocktails, pop corn, and other fried foods sold as snacks in plastic bags. It is also used in some seafood cocktail preparations and alcoholic drinks.

Even though nowadays there are many bottled salsas on the market, some street vendors still make their own salsa, and they know their customers and how spicy and flavorful they like their salsa. Some street vendors are very proud of their salsa creations and take it as something that distinguishes the products they sell from others.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Orange Atole - Atole de Naranja

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orange atole recipe  naranja  a sweet warm drink

 As soon as the weather gets cold, I start making atole, which is one of the many things I learned from my mom and my grandma. I even remember that at my grandma’s house they used to make some black bean atole, and even though I tried it, I never really liked it. Black bean atole? Go figure!

Atoles are hot drinks that have a thick consistency, and you can prepare endless flavors of them using fruits, seeds, vanilla, or even legumes. Atoles made with corn masa harina, water, and piloncillo are a common drink in the rural areas of Mexico during the winter months. People add the flavorings according to what they have in their region. This Orange Atole, for example, is from the citrus-producing area of the State of Veracruz. In the cities, however, Atoles are more diverse and go beyond the classic corn masa type. Atoles made with milk thickened with cornstarch are more favored than the corn masa type.
orange atole recipe  naranja  a sweet warm drink

Friday, December 9, 2016

How to make Champurrado - Cómo hacer Champurrado

Champurrado recipe mexican thick chocolate drink
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Chocolate has been a part of our culture since the time of the Aztecs, when it was prepared as a drink with spices and corn masa. Even to this day, we love to enjoy Champurrado, especially during the holiday season. This recipe is for the classic water-based Champurrado, but you can also make it using milk, and can even add some cloves or orange peel for some extra flavor. Whichever way you prepare this popular drink, I’m sure you’ll enjoy sharing it with your loved ones during these holidays!


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Roast Chicken - Pollo al Horno

Roast Chicken pollo al horno recipe

The holidays are always a good excuse to gather the family around and enjoy a great memorable meal together. In Mexico, most families prepare roasted turkey or a roasted pork leg or shoulder. However, some folks prefer a baked chicken, for several reasons, including: chicken might be more affordable, their family may be small, or because they live on a farm and raise their own chickens. Roasted chicken is popular all over the country, and it has a few variations according to the region. Several prefer to add a dried pepper adobo, while others just season it with herbs, like in this recipe. Sometimes, the chicken is even stuffed in the same way a turkey would.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Empalmes, a recipe by Chef Adrian Herrera

Empalmes norteños receta de Monterrey


Here in Nuevo León we have very unique dishes and customs. The key is to always try and use local and regional ingredients to prepare the recipes, as that gives them a particular authenticity and value.

Out of the three meals we make everyday, breakfast is the most important one, for it’s the one that we commence our day with. I’m putting together a small book titled “Desayunos Notables” (“Notable Breakfasts”); it’s a compilation of breakfast recipes that I grew up with and includes recipes from Tampico, the Huasteca region in Veracruz, and Nuevo León, but also features some new recipes that I’ve developed throughout the years.

Today’s recipe is a take on the mythical “empalmes”, which are very common in the northeast: two tortillas passed through some fantastic lard, filled with refried beans. For the beans, I first cook them in water with salt and a few herbs. Then, I mash them and season with salt, cumin (Lots of cumin! Such is the custom around here), and ground pepper. Next, I fry some onion and garlic and slightly caramelize them on a low flame before adding the chorizo ranchero. The chorizos from the north are rough, vinegary, and heavily spiced, and match the humor of the people.
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