Aguas Frescas: Pineapple, Watermelon and Cantaloupe Drinks

   Watermelonwater1a.jpg “Aguas Frescas” are the typical  Mexican household everyday’s beverages. Usually the drink is prepared using the fruits available according to the season and, sometimes, depending of the family’s economy, the flavor of the drink will rely on the fruit that has the lowest price in the market. Sometimes the market vendors will offer a discount on the fruits reaching the peak of their shelf life. Many housewives take advantage of these on sell produce to prepare “Aguas Frescas” to serve at lunch time.

But, why do we call them “Aguas Frescas”? These are beverages prepared with a mix of water, fruits,
sugar and ice cubes. The ice is added to the water/fruit mix in the pitcher to cool. Cool means Fresco in Spanish, and water means agua, hence the name Aguas Frescas. They are not a thick drink like a smoothie or juice. The fruit is added to the water to add flavor. The different types of fruits used to prepare the beverages will also vary from region to region, but some common ones are: Papaya, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Jamaica, Tamarind, Pineapple, Lime and Mango.
aguas frescas7a.jpg
There are some Aguas Frescas that  instead of fruit use grains, leaves, flowers or seeds, like Agua de Horchata, Jamaica, or Chaya. A typical place to find an Aguas Frescas vendor is at the markets, fairs, and other large community events.
Agua de Melon@ 
This recipe can be used as a basic recipe for different types of aguas frescas. Below you will see the pictures for Pineapple, but you can use Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Papaya, Mango, or Cucumbers.

  • 2 Cups of pineapple, watermelon or cantaloupe, peel and seeds removed, cut in cubes.
  • 4 Cups of water.
  • 1/3 Cup of sugar*
  • 2 Cups of ice cubes
  • *You can use either one of the above mentioned fruits or any other fruit of your preference.
  • **Some fruits, when in season, are very sweet and there is not need to add to much sugar. Adjust the sugar according to your taste.
  • Some cooks like to add a few drops of lime juice to their Watermelon or Cantaloupe Agua Fresca.
Pineappledrink9.jpg 1. Place the fruit in a blender with 2 cups of water and sugar, puree until completely smooth.

2. Pour the blender contents into a pitcher, add the 2 extra cups of water and the ice cubes. Taste for sweetness. Add more sugar if needed.  If you want it less thick in consistency, add more water. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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What is your favorite drink?

Tripe Quesadillas Recipe & How to Video

Tripe Quesadillas, another way to use beef tripe.
This is a collaboration with RUMBA MEATS, recipe and opinions are 100% mine. 

Lately, I have been thinking about the many ways that tripe and other offal cuts are prepared in Mexico, like in these “Tripe Quesadillas” from the State of Chiapas. Unfortunately, it seems that all of these interesting dishes are disappearing from our tables. I hope that the newer generations acquire an interest in our dishes and preserve them as a very important part of our culture.

This recipe for Tripe Quesadillas was given to me by my older brother; he lives in Tapachula, a picturesque town in the State of Chiapas, right on Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala. He sent me a video of the local eatery at the municipal market where he likes to go with his family on the weekends and enjoy these delicious quesadillas. The other day I made them at home using some leftover menudo from the weekend.
Tripe Quesadillas, another way to cook beef tripe.

So, the next time you make menudo, make sure to cook some extra tripe to make these quesadillas during the week.



peach cake roll recipe video tutorial

Don’t you enjoy a delicious moistened cake with fruit? Well, besides being tasty, this dessert is a great one to make with your family, so you can enjoy a time in the kitchen together baking and making great memories!

This type of cake is very popular in my hometown and in other areas of the country. It is also my mom’s favorite cake for her birthday. Growing up, we never made it at home, it was always bought from the bakery, and I didn’t learn how to make until I got married. In Mexico, it is known as “niño envuelto”, meaning “wrapped baby”, and also as “brazo gitano” which translates to “gypsy arm”. You can prepare this cake using different types of fruit for the filling (I’m using peaches this time).

Beef Birria Recipe

Easy to make Beef Birria Recipe
This is a partnership with RUMBA MEATS, Recipe and opinions are 100% mine.

Birria is a classic dish from the State of Jalisco, and as a matter of fact, two of the most popular dishes on the blog are also from Jalisco: Pozole and Menudo. Birria is usually made with goat’s meat or even with lamb or a combination of several types of meat. The use of a combination of meats is common in restaurants or local Birria eateries known as “Birrierias”. Beef Birria is more like a homemade version since beef is more accessible everywhere. 

I like to make this with a combination of oxtail and beef shank from RUMBA MEATS; the bone-in meat renders a very flavorful Birria broth. You can also use Beef cheek and oxtail (the cheek has a lot of meat). You can make your own combination, too, just make sure you add a cut of meat with some bone in it.
An easy Beef birria recipe, cooked with the traditional ingredients.

There are so many different recipes for birria, but all of them use a combination of dried peppers and herbs. Some cooks will add beer or Pulque instead of vinegar. Some also add a little piece of ginger. The way this dish is usually served is in a bowl (similar to a soup) and garnished with chopped onion and cilantro or oregano. The meat is also served in tacos.

Beef Tostadas: a Comfort Food / Receta de Tostadas de Carne Deshebrada

Beef Tostada Recipe | Mexican Tostadas Recipe | Authentic Mexican Recipes by Mexico in My Kitchen

Yes, I know. Comfort food has many names and shapes. Yours could be macaroni and cheese or your mother’s famous soup. Mine has a name too: Beef Tostadas; a flat crispy fried corn tortilla with Shredded beef or even with chicken or just plain beans, garnished with lettuce, tomato, onions and fresh cheese without forgetting a good salsa to enhance the flavors.

Some days when I find myself feeling the “nostalgia” of missing my home country, is the perfect excuse to prepare these delicious tostadas, listening to one of my favorites romantic Mexican radio stations via the internet. This combination seems to cure all kind of “blues” I may have. And for a moment, everything seems fine. It’s all good! (It will be interesting to know what are some of the comfort foods of other cultures).
Shredded Beef Tostadas, easy and delicious treat.

Antojitos must be one of the most missed dishes for any Mexican living abroad. Tostadas is just one of the many antojitos that can be prepared with different types of toppings, like chicken, beef, seafood, beans and pork feet. Yes, pork feet indeed!

How to Make Green Salsa with Avocado / Cómo Hacer Salsa Verde con Aguacate

Avocado Green Salsa | Guacamole salsa Recipe| Authentic Mexican Recipes by Mexico in My Kitchen

This salsa is made with fresh ingredients and is very common in central México where it is used for tacos "Al Pastor" or other grilled meats. It is a very refreshing version of the cooked tomatillo salsa.
In these hot days of summer it is an excellent companion for your barbecued steaks and an absolutely  wonderful pair with pork carnitas. Other names for this salsa is "Guacamole Salsa".

If you have any leftovers, keep refrigerated. It will last you up to 3 days in your refrigerator.