Caramelized Peanuts / Cómo Hacer Cacahuates Garapiñados

garapiñados Candied peanuts recipe

Caramelized or candied peanut are a simple-to-make snack that is sold outside public buildings, sport stadiums, parks and even outside schools all throughout Mexico. We call them cacahuates garapiñados, they can be found for sell in many small carts, filled with all sort of goodies, ranging from chewing gum, rancheritos or charritos, potato chips, cups of fresh fruit, candied fruit, etc.

I cooked these peanuts thinking that my son will go nuts (wink) about them, but to my disappointment, he couldn’t care less about it. I will add them to his trail mix next time he goes out to the wilderness with his boy scout troop. And maybe, who knows, while he is out there tired, sweaty, and hungry, he will appreciate the crunchiness and sweetness of my "garapiñados".



  • 2 Cups of raw peanuts with the skin on
  • 1 and 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • Red food coloring (This is optional)
garapiñados Candied peanuts recipes mexican

garapiñados Candied peanuts recipes mexican

1. Place a heavy sauce pot (a cast iron one works well) over high heat with the water and sugar. Add food coloring if you wish to use it. I used 5 drops. Mix well.

2. When the mixture begins to boil add the peanuts. It is important to stir the mixture all the time, especially when the bubbles that are forming begin to be larger and take longer to break. This step will take about 8 to 9 minutes until the liquid reduces. 
garapiñados Candied peanuts recipes mexican

3. When the mixture forms a sandy consistency at the bottom of the pan, remove from the heat.
(You may notice that the walls of the pan have also formed crystals).

4. Pour the mixture into a large baking pan or dish lined with wax paper and spread the peanut. Allow to cool at room temperature.

garapiñados Candied peanuts recipes

The peanuts cooked this way will last up 6 months in a covered jar or sealed in a plastic bag.

garapiñadosCandied peanuts recipes
Original picture from 2/3/09

Did you like the recipe? Please let me know in the comments section, do you have questions, or share the link with your friends. I hope you have an incredible time cooking! Provecho!

Mely Martinez, the cook at Mexico in my Kitchen!


  1. WOW Mely!!! Que delicia!! Como sabes tu tantisimas recetas tipicas! Tengo que tratar de hacer estos en casa. Ire copiando poco a poco tus recetas a mi recetario. A esta receta le pondre "Cacahuates garapiñados de Mely", como ves? =D

  2. Vaya, nunca hubiera imaginado que los cacahuetes se hicieran así. Muchas gracias por la explicación.

  3. Hola Carlos, Gracias por tu visita.
    Tambien se pueden hacer asi las nueces.


  4. Hey! Silvia
    Luego me platicas si los cocinas.


  5. Muy bien explicado Mely, gracias por compartir tu receta; una pregunta: ¿utilizas algun tipo de azúcar distinta? pq me saben como a miel...

  6. Hola,

    Deja que la azucar y el agua se sequen un poco, de esa manera no quedan como caramelo.

    Gracias por tu amable visita.



  7. Can i use pecans ?

  8. While I think it is wonderful that so many people reply to your recipe, a greengo does not get much out of all their replies in Spanish. Looks good to me so I will try it! Thank you!

  9. No worries on all the replies in Spanish, they are basically just complimenting Mely for her recipe and knowledge.

    Thanks Mely... you make it sound so easy. I'll give it a shot soon, can't wait!
    I have loved this treat since I was a kid!
    Thnx again, Richard


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