How to Make Roasted Tomatoes Salsa / Cómo Hacer Salsa de Tomates Asados

Roasted tomato salsa recipe

Roasted salsa is full of flavors and will turn a simple piece of meat or chicken into something delicious. If you like grilling meats, this will be the sauce to go with it. It is also used to spice up some regional dishes throughout México, like “bocoles” from southern Tamaulipas state, or “molotes" from the state of Oaxaca. The combination of peppers varies from region to region, but the end result of roasting the ingredients makes this roasted salsa delicious.

This recipe is for 1 1/2 cups of sauce.


  • 2 medium-size tomatoes

  • 3 serrano peppers

  • 1 small clove garlic

  • 2 teaspoons vegetable oil

  • Salt to taste

Roasted tomato salsa recipe


1. In an ungreased griddle at medium high heat, roast the tomatoes, garlic and peppers. They will start showing brown spots. Turn them to get an even roasting.

Roasted salsa recipe

In different areas of Northern México, some cooks use a stove top type of grill to char their tomatoes and peppers.

Roasted salsa recipe

I found this at an Asian market. I tried it out but it takes longer to cook the tomatoes and is a little bit messy. So, I will stick to the more traditional griddle method.

Roasted salsa recipe-6

You can also char/roast the tomatoes directly over a flame, or on your gas or charcoal grill and also roast them in your broiler, just make sure you do place the tomatoes in a fireproof pan to contain the juices from the tomatoes and turn the tomatoes once to roast the other side.

The tomatoes should be soft and slightly charred when done.

Note: The peppers and garlic will take less time, make sure to put aside before they get too charred.

Put the ingredients into a blender and puree until smooth.

Roasted salsa recipe-6

If you want to have a chunky style salsa use a Mexican Molcajete or a food processor. My molcajete is too small, as you can see, but works just fine for me to prepare my traditional salsas with the authentic taste of México.

Roasted salsa recipe-7 But if you prefer smooth texture for your salsa, use the blender.

The tomatoes will be very juicy and soft from this roasted process and you won’t need to add water to the blender.

Roasted salsa recipe-9 Now heat the oil in a skillet, at medium heat and add the sauce.Cook for about 5 minutes. Season with salt . Your sauce is ready!!

Roasted salsa recipe-11

I made myself some tacos on stove top-charred tortillas with Queso Fresco and topped with salsa.

OK. Who wants some?

Did you like the recipe? Please let me know in the comments section, do you have questions, or share the link with your friends. I hope you have an incredible time cooking! Provecho!

Mely Martinez, the cook at Mexico in my Kitchen!


  1. This sauce recipe is just for me. In fact, I make some sauce with tomato but I just saute them in pan. Roastin is a great idea! Meat sounds good, but I think I can also spread this sauce on pasta??

  2. That is a great idea Zerrin, maybe I will try it over pasta too.

  3. Que feliz me hace ver tus recetas cada noche... Gracias Mely por estas deliciosas ideas y tus hermosas fotos.

  4. Gracias por visitar my blog y por tus comentarios. Silvia.

  5. Where did you find the raoster for the chiles? I always put mine right on the burner, but the roaster you use would be nice.

    Great recipes I plan to try many.

  6. Hi there Aaron,

    The roaster, I found it at the local Asian Market. I am sure if there are many in your area. Here in my neck of the woods there are a lot of Asian Markets that sell a wide selection of cooking wares. I also have one very similar that I found at TJ Maxx, that according to the packing it is used for toasting ciabatta bread over the stove.

    Bobby Flay used to sell a really cool one but I couldn't located it to send you the link. You could also use a grilling skillet.

    Thank you for stopping by.


  7. Thank you, I can search for the Bobb Flay one. I do have many Asian markets near me, so I can look there as well.

    I grew up in California, but live in Michigan now. So to have good Mexican food I usually have to make it myself.

  8. I know how it feels to be used to a certain kind of food and don't find it in your city. If you are looking for a particular recipe let me know I may have it.

    By the way, I visited you blog and I love the way your fish tacos look. They sure look tasty!

    Have a great day!

  9. Oh my GOD!!! me va a dar algo de ver tantas delicias,mi mujer esta aprendiendo a cocinar mi comida porque de esto no sabe nada,esta pagina sera de gran utilidad,gracias!!!!!!!!

  10. OMG...I'm glad to hear that you heat the salsa in oil...I have been doing that for years. That's the only way for me....yummy.

  11. Gracias for the post I want to start making my own salsas, I am living in Mexico and really want to learn to make local dishes....

  12. Your recipes look wonderful! Just came across your blog and can't wait to try some. Reminds me a lot of my Grandma's old recipes. I miss her dearly. I remember how she used to make a certain delicious dessert when I was a little girl. Looked like she was making flour tortillas but after she rolled them out, she cut them into strips and sort of braided them in a line. After that, she would grill them in a pan. They would puff up and I think she would sprinkle a little sugar/cinnamon on them...but I do remember we would also eat them plain and they were still a lil sweet so she must have added sugar to the dough. Ever heard of that by chance? I know I'm in the wrong section. I was looking for a recipe for this orangey-ish salsa that's served warm at my local Taquerias here in Belton, Texas. Wonder if this is the one I'm looking for. Anyway, just thought I'd share. Thanks! -Melissa. :o)

    1. Hello Melissa,
      These is the recipe for the buñuelos, the flour fritters you mentioned.

      There are several taqueria style recipes, go the the recipes section under salsas.


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  16. I made this today, Christmas day in the late afternoon, after my husband and I came home from watching Madea's Christmas. Lovely! Thank you so much. Lorna Moravec, West, Texas


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