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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to Make a Strawberry Roll / Cómo Hacer Rollo de Fresa

Strawberry cream roll cake 
I know, I know, you must be thinking how this can possibly be an authentic Mexican Dessert. And that is okay, but for some generations of Mexicans this is something they have seen all their lives being sold at local bakeries and in some occasions taking the place of the traditional birthday cake. A similar situation happens sometimes in my family since this dessert is one of my mother’s favorites and she always asks for it on her birthday. This indulgence is sold filled with different kinds of fruits like mangos and peaches, but strawberries are the most famous of them all. I guess the young people in my country don’t even think about where this yummy treat came from, because they grew up seeing it all their lives, specially if you live in the city.
This cake has different names according to the region. It is called “Brazo Gitano” (gypsy arm), more common in the south and in Latin American countries where it is also filled with fruit jelly ; “niño envuelto” (wrapped boy) and “rollo de fruta” (fruit roll), or the “Buche de Noel” (Christmas Yule Log) in France. In Spain, however, besides the sweet recipe they also have a salty version filled with cold meats and it is served sliced as an appetizer. There is a story about how it got the name “gypsy arm” HERE. As with most other breads in Mexico, it came from Spain or France, I believe one of those countries must take credit for this recipe, anyway, they really enriched our gastronomy in so many ways.
This recipe has been adapted from a small booklet that came inside the box of my first set of glass baking dishes a long, long time ago. The name of the book is “ Platillos, Platos y Platones”
rollo de fresas3
Recipe for about 8-10 servings
  • 3/4 cup sugar for batter plus 1/2 cup for the whipping cream
  • 6 eggs separate egg whites and yolks
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla, one for the batter and one for the whipping cream
  • 1/2 cup of flour
  • 3 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 stick butter melted and cooled
  • 1 pound of strawberries washed and cut in small pieces leaving some whole for decoration.
  • 2 1/2 cups heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup of confectioners sugar or more if you like sweeter

rollo de fresas5
1. First line an 11 by 16 cookie sheet with parchment paper or buttered and floured waxed paper. Set aside. I am very generous with the buttering part to avoid any accidents with the batter.
2. Combine the sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla and the yolks in a bowl and beat until it changes to a lighter color. Mix the flour and the baking power in a separated container. All this is in preparation for the assembly of the batter.
rollo de fresas4
3. Beat the egg whites until they hold firm and form peaks. Now with a wire whisk add the egg yolk mixture and beat into the batter. Then using a rubber spatula place the flour-baking powder blend, in a folding manner. Go as fast as you can to avoid a grainy texture. Finally, fold in the melted butter.
rollo de fresas6
4. Pour into the prepared pan smoothing the batter evenly so that it touches all sides.
rollo de fresas7
5. Bake in a preheated 400 oven for 12 to 15 minutes, or until the batter begins to shrink from the sides of the pan. When done, cover with a wet kitchen towel.
rollo de fresas8rollo de fresas9
6. Carefully invert the cookie sheet over a flat surface (the towel is under the cake) remove the pan and lift the parchment paper.
rollo de fresas10
7. Slowly start rolling the sponge cake with out pressing it. Let it cool for about 30 minutes rolled in the wet kitchen towel.
While the cake is cooling, whip the cream until it begins to hold shape, add the confectioners sugar and the remaining teaspoon of vanilla, and continue to whip until the cream is stiff. Keep refrigerated.
rollo de fresas11[4]
rollo de fresas12[5] 8. Once the cake is cooled unroll and spread it with some of the whipped cream and place the fruit as shown in the picture.
rollo de fresas13[6]
rollo de fresas14[3]
9. Roll up tightly with the help of the towel leaving the cake seam side down. With a spatula spread the rest of the whipped cream over the top and sides of the roll and garnish with the whole strawberries.

Enjoy and come back soon! ¡Buen provecho!


  1. Que delicioso!

    This looks like something my husband would love. He loves pumpkin roll with cream cheese icing... but I think these flavors would be perfect for the spring/summer!

  2. wow - so nice thanks for the step by step - and the tip of rolling it while it cools is key!

  3. Hi, I've been introduced to your blog when I saw some recipes from Nora, and I know you are from Tampico as I am, and that reminds me a lot of the rollo de fresa from Supercream, isn't it? I think I want to bake it, yum!

  4. Hi Maritza,

    Thanks for visiting, and yes it brings back memories of the "Super Cream" bakery. Thanks for

  5. ohhhh I would love to have a slice of that right now!

  6. Wow! This is a gorgeous dessert with delicious looking strawberries. I love how eggy and crepe-like the cake part looks too. Yum!

  7. It must be delicious, Mely!
    During winter, you can have it with a different filling, made with chestnut jam (or even better smashing boiled chestnuts mixed with some whipped cream) and coated with cholocate, it is called "tronchetto dolce di Natale" (sweet Christmas trunk)


  8. Hey! Tlaz, that is a really great mix! Thanks a lot for the details about the Tronchetto dolce di Natale, I will give a try this winter. I also like to bake the Panettone for Christmas and I hope you can send me your recipe.

  9. WAU MELY!!!
    Esta de lujo tu pastel rollo de fresas!! Y tienes razón hemos crecido comiendolo y viendolo en las pastelerías. Veo cosas nuevas en tu blog
    Cada día está mejor! Te felicito por tus recetas, tus fotos y tus reportajes. Excelentes!


  10. Your 1st photo makes me DROOL! What a delicious dessert.Figtreeapps

  11. That is so beautiful! Your photography is just stunning! I love this blog!

    Thanks also for your sweet comment, much appreciated!

  12. Hi there! Figtree that picture still makes me drool. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hello Hot garlic, Thanks for your comment. I also love your great food ideas.

  13. OMG. Thank you for visiting my site. I am so glad to have found you. I am always looking for some good Mexican cooking blogs.

    Let me know how the cookies come out and what you think.

  14. OMG forgive my complacency. I saw my face already signed up to follow your blog. he he he.

  15. I have to bookmark this for the summer when strawberries are fresh and plentiful - because this treat looks amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop!

  16. That looks absolutely aaamazing! You do beautiful work. :)

  17. hello! i´m Cris, from Spain! I was looking for a "brazo de gitano" made with strawberries, and I guess I found it! Thank you :) I like your other recipes so i´ll follow you to get more great ideas to cook. See you around!

  18. Hello Crispy,
    Gracias por tu comentario, ojala te encante tanto el postre como en casa nos gusta.

    Thanks for following.


  19. Gorgeous. Great recipe to share on Friday Food over at Momtrends.

  20. oooooooooooo...that is just SOOOO very pretty. Perfect way to use up all those great berries right now:)

  21. LOVELY! I adore cakes with amazing fruits. Thanks for linking up with Friday Potluck!

  22. I'm visiting for Bella Vita. This cake roll looks amazing. I think I'll make this for Father's Day.

  23. Thank you SO much for sharing this lovely dessert on Fresh Food Friday over on my blog 'la bella vita'..... It was selected as one of the best submitted recipes from last week and is featured today on Fresh Food Friday....I hope you stop by to check it out and add another great recipe of yours!

  24. Oh my goodness! What a lovely cake. It looks so delicious with the yummy fresh fruit! I'm your newest follower. Hope you have a great weekend :)
    PS- I host a recipe swap on Wednesdays and I'd love for you to stop by and share a recipe if you get a chance.

  25. What an absolutely beautiful dessert, Mely! I've always been so intimidated to even try to make a dessert roll; but, your instructions encourage me to give it a try with the fresh berries that I just washed. Thank you for sharing this with us! Have a beautiful weekend!

  26. I started cookimg this and reading through the it I got confused because it never said what to do with the egg whites after you whip them it only tells what to do with egg yolks

    1. Hello Chelsea,

      Right below the picture it says: "Beat the egg whites until they hold firm and form peaks. Now with a wire whisk add the egg yolk mixture and beat into the batter."

      What it means is to add the egg yolks with the egg whites batter.

      I hope this helps.

      Thank you for your comment, it gives me the opportunity to check this recipe and edit what is needed.


    2. Lol ok thank you thay makes a lot more since

  27. Hola!! Mely, muchisimas gracias por todas esas recetas deliciosas que compartes. Yo actualmente vivo en College Station,Texas y muero por hacer el queso, la masa para tortillas y este rollo de fresa que me recuerda mucho a mi papá ya que es su preferido y muy seguido se lo compraba en Tampico ahora el vive en Veracruz y ahi es dificil encontrarlo, asi que si me sale en cuanto vaya a visitarlo le hare su rollo preferido. Gracias nuevamente por compartir todas estas recetas deliciosas y que a los que vivimos en el extrajero nos hacerca a nuestro pais.

  28. Hey great recipe, I played with the filling, I used 8 oz of cream cheese, about a 1/2 cup of heavy cream, 1/4 cup of Dulce de Leche spread, 1/4 cup of Conffectioners sugar and 3 tbsp of French Vanilla Kahlua Coffee Liqueur and let me tell you it was awesome....

    1. Great combination Sweetdelightscakes.
      Thank you for sharing it. Now I also want to try your own version.

      Happy cooking


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