Roasted Tomatillo and Árbol Pepper Salsa / Salsa de Chile de Árbol y Tomatillos Asados

Chile de arbol1a
I am convinced that the best tacos are the ones you eat standing in front of a crowded street taco stand, and that is the only reason I could use to justify why we still have the weird custom of eating these steak tacos standing in front of the Kitchen counter, here at home. It could be true that eating them seated will taste the same, but why bother to sit when they are mouthwatering like this? Plus, (as an added bonus), you do not have to set the table!
But what about the salsa? This post is supposed to be about the salsa, right? Perhaps some of you don’t know that a good taco has to have a good salsa, but this is true. Most taco stands or “Taquerias” offer a great selection of different salsas, Salsa verde, Pico de Gallo salsa and sometimes their own creations. This recipe makes a great Taco salsa or, as we say, “Salsa Taquera”, one that stands alone for its rich and unique spiciness, (translation: “hot”, picante, pica mucho, a lot!). Of course, you can reduce the amount of peppers, if you prefer a mild flavor and done deal! Either way, this authentic Mexican salsa is simply delicious!
Chile de arbol1
Ingredients for 1 cup of sauce
  • 10 ounces (about 7 small) of tomatillos husks remove and previously washed
  • 10 Arbol pepper for a spicy sauce, 5 if you want it mild
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
Chile de arbol2
Place tomatillos and garlic in a medium heat skillet roast until soft and brown about 18 to 20 minutes. Garlic clove will roast faster remove and place in your blender or food processor. In a separate skillet quickly toast the Arbol pepper. It takes about a minute. This will be done fast since these pepper will burn easily and your sauce will have a bitter taste.
chile de arbol3
Turn you tomatillos to get an even cooking. Chile de arbol4
Process tomatillos, Arbol peppers, garlic and salt in a blender until a slightly chunky sauce forms, adding some water in case it is needed. But usually the tomatillos are very juice. I do not add water.
Chile de arbol5
It last up to 3 days refrigerated in an airtight container. Chile de arbol7
And in case you want to enjoy your salsa with some homemade tacos, this is my other version of Steak Tacos. Chopped Diezmillo steaks (Blade roast steak-Chuck) season with sea salt some oil and place the meat in a hot cast iron griddle. Cook to your liking and serve with warm tortillas topped with finely chopped cilantro and white onion. And of course a good spicy salsa.
Chile de arbol8
¡Buen provecho!


  1. Ooooooh yeah!! I came from Leslies blog earlier where she made ATOLE and now you are making these delish steak tacos. Looks great, the sauce looks good and hot the way I like it and any one eating this would be set for the day. Thanks for sharing. Yummmmmm!!

  2. Excellent! I ate a lot of Mexican food during my recent trip to the International Food & Wine Festival at Disney. This looks fantastic - even to a vegetarian! (I can always modify the recipe). Thanks.

  3. No manches!!! ahora si eres mi heroe!!! o heroa?
    jaja, bueno la verdad esa salsa esta riquisima y los tacos igual, ya hice la salsa porque tenia todos los ingredientes, y me quedo "deliciosa".

    Gracias, gracias otra vez.


  4. OMG! que rico se ve eso, ya me antojaste.

    Mely una preguntota, sabes como se preparan las calabacitas rellenas? desde cuando quiero sorprender a mi Hubby con esa receta por que le encanta.

    Gracias :)

  5. Mely, What a gorgeous Salsa! great recipe :)

    Have a good weekend!

  6. Thanks all for visiting, hope you all have a great weekend!


  7. Riquísima salsa, yo la hago igualita, nos gusta muchísimo !! se antoja Mely . Gracias;)

  8. Mely,
    esa salsa se ve deliciosa.
    Los tacos, super.

    Que hambre!

    Un abrazo

  9. Mely, se me hace la boca agua! Que bien porque tengo tomatillos de me guerto listo para esta salsita. Gracias Mely!!


  10. oh wow wish I could stand and devour one of your tacos they look amazing

  11. Mely me encantó tu entrada. En las reuniones también nos comemos los tacos parados jajaja
    así dicen, te caben más!

    Un abrazo!

  12. I love your blog!!! Todo se ve delicioso....Yo soy fanatica de la comida de tu hermoso pais.

  13. mmm que delicioso! y si es muy cierto mi mama me vive diciendo que me siente cuando estamos comiendo tacos! lol es pura costumbre, y que deliciosa se ve tu salsa en mi casa comes salsa pero bien bien picosa! comemos mucha salsa de chile del monte osea chile piquin, our favortie :)

  14. Oh my, I stopped by for the salsa but will definitely stay for the steak tacos, this recipe sounds just delicious.

  15. Hello we mad this sauce today.. we followed the recipe exactly. it is gren in color, and very spicy which we love. did u get the red color of the sauce? is there something we missed or was left out in the recipe. thank you


  16. Hello William,

    If you see the recipe indicates 5 peppers for mild and 10 for spicy. I used 10 in the sauce of the picture. If you want to add more flavor to the sauce add a pinch of fresh ground cumin and also some mexican oregano.


  17. This is exactly what i was looking for! Have you every tried canning it?


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