How to Cook Mexican Chilaquiles / Cómo Hacer Chilaquiles Mexicanos

Every weekend, weather permitted, we have brunch outside in our apartment’s balcony. It has a nice view to the woods and with a white tablecloth, and some vintage silverware, our table looks royal. Somehow, I always tend to cook a Mexican meal, usually a traditional dish for brunch. During the week you could see a parade of countries represented in a dish in our household. It could be Indian, Thai, Chinese, Greek, Italian, (even take out), you name it. But weekends is another story because it has to be Mexican. Yes!, the flavors that remind us of our home, the comfort food that tells us that life is still good. This is our special time of the week that we cherish and enjoy so much that even my son starts asking us since Friday “what are we having for our next brunch”. He constantly expresses his desire to teach his own children all about the food that his Mom cooked at home, and this blog, in part, is my way to leave a legacy that would help him achieve his wish, one day when he has his family.
But we do not need a special occasion to cook “Chilaquiles”, they are served every day in family homes and many of the five star hotels across México. Either for breakfast or Sunday brunch, “green or read Chilaquiles” are a favorite item on their grand buffets served at the restaurants of these nice chain hotels with familiar names like Marriot, Hilton or Sheraton. And are also a must-have dish at the humble Mexican version of pop and mom dinners. You can find them being cook in a diverse array of salsas, green, red, white, hot, mild, roasted or dry peppers sauce. Every cook has its own version according to their region or favorite family recipe. And it is a great way to use left over tortillas. The name Chilaquiles is derived from the Náhuatl word chil-a-quilitl which means "herbs or greens in chile broth". This dish is so versatile that it gives the cook a good opportunity to be creative. So, do not be shy, go ahead and get your favorite sauce and the tortillas out of the fridge and make yourself some tasty, delicious Mexican Chilaquiles.

Note: For a more real and authentic Chilaquiles taste, use Epazote. I think this is the final touch of the dish, which provides a pungent flavor for a perfect combination with the tomato sauce. (Go easy with it because it has a strong, unique aroma).
Chilaquiles (4)
Ingredients for 4 servings:
12 tortillas cut into six (preferably dry tortillas left out over the counter the night before)
2 cups red or green salsa
1/2 cup Mexican cream
1/2 cup fresh Mexican cheese, crumbled
1 spring epazote
1/3 cup chopped cilantro to garnish
1/3 cup oil
2 slices of an onion, rings separated
Salt to season
1 1/2 cups chicken breast, cooked and shredded (optional)
Chilaquiles (5)
Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a large skillet and start frying the tortillas until golden and crisp in batches. You might need to do 2 or 3 batches to avoid overcrowding the skillet. Drain the tortillas on paper towels. Repeat the process with the rest of the tortillas.
Clean the skillet with a paper towel, turn the heat to medium and add 1 tablespoon of oil. Add the sauce and let it cook for 5 minutes. Add the Epazote and season the sauce with salt. Carefully stir in the tortillas to avoid breaking them. Add the chicken (if using) and coat it with the salsa. Cook for 2 more minutes.
Chilaquiles con pollo

Serve garnished with crumble cheese, cilantro, onion and topped with the cream. Serve with "Refried beans". Avocado is also a good addition to the plate.
Oh my, I can eat this chilaquiles every single day. Mmm!.

¡Buen provecho!


  1. que me mom makes chilaquiles in a red sauce ,but the tortillas are not fried more of a soft tortillas.

  2. I love chilaquiles and make them when ever as well. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Y ahora resulta que el tentador, soy yo, verdaad?

    Llevo año y medio sin comer chilaquiles y chicharrón y tu me pones ambas recetas una tras otra.

    Tu me quieres ver muerto de hambre, Mely!

    Un abrazo

  4. Ayyy y yo de dietaa! jaja, que ricoooos!
    Yo siempre los hago pero verdes, son los favoritos de mi esposo..

  5. one of my favorites - well done - I wish I had some this morning....

  6. Mi madre tambien los hace suavecitos. I personally like them with a litlle bit of crunch.



  7. Hola Gloria, Chilaquiles is a great comfort food. Saludos!

    Hi Doggybloggy,

    I am happy to see you stopping by. I will be your town in a couple of weeks.



  8. Hola Tlaz,

    Dios en su inmensa sabiduria no nos hizo vecinos, por que si asi fuera, estariamos perdidos.

    Ni el Chapulin Colorado nos podria salvar!

    Hola Gaby,

    Yo ando en las mismas, pero yo soy mi propio enemigo porque me encanta cocinar.
    Ni modo a cerrar el pico.

    Saludos y cuidense,


  9. The onion ring in the last picture looks like a little serving bowl - brilliant! Do you know of any herbs that have a similar flavor to epazote? It's impossible to find in Kuwait and my husband loves it.

  10. Hello Cover,

    It is hard to replace the flavor of the Epazote. I had to cook with out if for years. Until recently it is being sold at the Hispanic markets. I was really happy when to know they were selling it.

    Have a great weekend,


  11. Hi Mely,
    When I first made chilaquiles for my husband's family, they thought it was the best thing they ever ate. Until this day every time I visit them all they want is for me to cook chilaquiles, they even have the ingredients ready for when I arrive. I told them I know how to cook other things for breakfast but they don't care, chilaquiles is all they want. Great recipe!

  12. Mely:

    Puedes creer que soy alergica al epazote!!!
    Bueno este paltillo lo amerita, gracias por esta receta tan rica, espero tener tiempo para hacerlos el domingo.



  13. Mely: se ven buenísimos tus chilaquiles, mis preferidos sin duda los verdes !!! :)
    Lindas fotos , saludos

  14. Creo que tú y yo estamos conectadas de alguna manera... te has fijado que coincidimos en cocinar lo mismo, casi al mismo tiempo. Yo también cociné chilaquiles recientemente. Me gustan crujientitos.

    Un abrazo Mely

  15. I have to make chilaquiles at home.....they sound simple to amke and look delicious!

  16. Hola Prieta,

    That is funny, but I am glad you are giving them a taste of Mexican food.

    Have a nice day girl!

    Hola Tania,

    Que curioso, no sabia que s epodia ser alergica al Epazote. Ahora ya lo se. Gracias.

    Saludos Mely

    Hola Pily,

    Me pregunto si ha alguien no le gustaran los chilaquiles? :)

    Saludos y un abrazo,


  17. Hi Erica,

    You won't be disappointed if you make them. I have to go visit your blog.
    I still have to make the arepas.



  18. O,lovely post! I had chilaquiles most days for breakfast during my 2008 trip to Mexico! Divine!

  19. Hi, Helga

    They are so good that we can't not stop eating them.


  20. Love Chilaquiles!!! Por lo general es nuestro desayuno los fines de semana, Nada mas me hace falta el balcon. Me imagine todo el cuadro en tu casa "almuerzo-balcon" definitivamente doble placer :)


  21. I look forward to making these. Love the flavor of fried tortillas.

  22. Mely, I never ever fail to get hungry when I visit you! Chilaquiles are one of my all-time favorite breakfasts! Esposo and I make them all the time...because I always get a craving. Matter of fact, I have a craving right now!! YUM, yours are so delicious. I'm so glad you brought them to the hearth and soul hop this week!! :D

  23. Hola Ruth,

    Creo que a todos nos gustan los chilaquiles, verdad? :)

    Hi, Melinda

    I hope you could make them soon. You will love them.

    Hello Girlichef

    I love to stop by at the heart and soul hop. I get to learn a lot of new things.

  24. wow this looks delicious :) and i do think your right that it does depend on which part of mexico you are from for which the ingredients are used! i have many ways of cooking these delicious treat i am from matamoros tamaulipas and lived in a ranch with my grandmother who taught me alot and so did my mother.

    the way i learned was to cook the tortillas and then add some red salsa with a can of tomato sauce like parade kind, and then add queso fresco.

    my mom also has one wear she adds ajo and cebolla cruda en la licuadora y se lo echa a la salsa its good as well

    an the other way i make it when im lazy lol i just cook the tortillas and whatever salsa i have throw it in there an handfulls of mozarella cheese~~

    yummy :)

  25. Hmm, herbs or greens in chile broth... I just love getting intersting tidbits like that. This is one of my favorite breakfasts of all time. Thanks for the reminder that this is a great avenue for turkey day leftovers. And thank you for linking to the Hearth and Soul hop.

  26. Oh my goodness.... Your chilaquiles look magnifico! I truly believe that I could eat Mexican food every single day!! Thanks for a great recipe and for sharing with the Hearth and Soul hop.

  27. OMG - we don't really have access to much in the way of good Mexican food in New Zealand, so I have never had a dish like this. Looks amazing - I think that I must try it :-)

  28. Every time I visit your blog, I hear myself saying, "I have to make that!" I love Mexican food!

  29. Hey Mely - You got me thinking of chilaquiles, and I haven't been able to stop all week. Thanks for setting off a craving! I'll be featuring your recipe among my picks for Best of the Blog hop this week. Thanks again for linking with the Hearth and Soul hop.

  30. Hey Mely, interesting tip on the etymology of the word chilaquiles. Today, I'm making them with left over turkey, naturally.

    I noticed you posted a recipe for chicharrones a while ago. I went to my little Mexi-mart and saw cartons of finely ground chicharrones for sale. I had never seen such a thing, and later my son asked me what one would use them for. "Are you kidding me, what wouldn't you use them for?" I replied.

  31. Hi there, Butterepoweredbike

    Thanks for featuring the recipe. I hope you cook the chilaquiles.

    Kirby, I had been thinking about you. And, yes you can do a lot fo things with ground pork. My mom used to make corn masa dumplings mix with the ground chicharron and cook in a pot of black beans. As kids my brothers and sisters loved to fish the yummy balls.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  32. Ay Caramba! My mouth is watering... I love chilaquiles!
    Que Delicioso que ganas de comerme esos platos. En las fotos se puede apreciar lo tierno de este plato. BRAVO, BRAVO!!!

    Un Abrazote,


  33. I have never had these. I think I need to try them. I bet refried beans would go great with them.

    I have never seen epazote fresh (I have the dried stuff that I always add to my beans). I heard that epazote and stinkweed are the same thing. Have you heard that?

  34. complimenti per le ricette ottime ,
    Me gusta mucho saludos desde Italia

  35. Mely,

    Oh how I love chilaquiles! These are absolutely beautiful and I am so HUNGRY right now!! Un besote!!

  36. Those chilaquiles look fantastic with all that delicious cheese crumbled on top! Thanks for coming by to share your recipe.
    Katie :)

  37. YUM! This looks delicious! Mexican food is my absolute favorite! I found your blog through a link party and LOVE it! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!

  38. Looks amazing! I pinned this to try later.

  39. Replies
    1. Hello Yvonne Lopez,

      They are addictive!


  40. Chilaquiles are one Mexican dish I've not yet made. Although I reside mainly in Spain, I prefer Mexican dishes over Spanish. Could you please explain what is Mexican cream as per your ingredients list? Additionally, I doubt I can purchase Epazote, is there a suitable substitute?

    BTW your link to Verde Salsa says "page does not exist", this link would be most useful as I would like to try both red and green versions of Chilaquiles.


    1. Hello Bibs,

      Mexican Cream is similar as Creme Fraiche, but you can use any other type of cream. I doubt the could be a good substitute for epazote, just garnish with some fresh cilantro before serving. Thank you for letting me know about the salsa verde link, it is working now.

      Happy cooking!


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