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    • Hello Swissmiss,

      You will need to make it in a baking pan that has a detachable bottom. After baking and slightly cool remove the cake, and place in a shallow plate that will hold any liquid form the mix of milks while you place it in the fridge.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe Mely! My niece's birthday is coming up and I'd love to make the cake for the celebration.

    I have you to thank for inspiring me to cook more. I'm from Ecuador and live in NY, but my boyfriend lives in Veracruz, Mexico (I love to cook for him when I visit) and one of his favorite dishes is Enchiladas suizas. I made them for his birthday, following your recipe, and he was so happy – he said they were the best enchilada suizas he ever had. And that's a lot coming from him – he loves to eat!

    En fin, estoy endeudada con usted y sus recetas – he probado ya varias y nunca me han fallado. Asi que estoy mas que segura que este pastel le encantara a todos.

    Mil gracias por sus deliciosas recetas y la forma tan clara en la que las presenta.


  2. Hey Mely
    Just wanted to say thank you for posting this recipe. I made this for my boyfriends birthday and he loved it and told me its the best he has had here in the States. I added coconut to the frosting. I will have to try Khalua or Rum Chata next time..

  3. What is the purpose of cooking the milk mixture in a saucepan? I've never seen any other recipe do this and I was just wondering if it makes a difference to cook it or not?

    • Hello,
      Yes, many recipes call for the three types of milk to be mixed, and then added to the already baked bread. But, there is a chemical reaction when you warm the mixture, it slightly reduces volumen making it thicker, and enhance the flavors.
      But, you can still just pop everything in a bowl and mix. Happy cooking!

  4. I made this cake for dessert last night. I have made several recipes of Tres Leches, but this cake, without a doubt, was the most delicious that I have ever tasted. One of my dinner guests, who is from Honduras, said it was the best he had EVER eaten. Thank you so much. This recipe will now go in my "hall of fame" recipes.

  5. I had tres leches before made by a woman from Mexico & it was so delicious. The best cake I had ever had. I have bought tres leches from stores through the years & they have never been the same. I found this recipe online & the cake looked just like the woman's cake from Mexico. I followed the recipe exactly & it turned out so delicious! It tasted just like the other cake I had had. I made two of these & took it to a cookout. Everybody kept talking about how delicious my cake was. It was a big hit!

  6. I made this once before exactly like your recipe called for. Can you elaborate on step 5 are you supposed to add more flour? Step 1 is showing you add the flour then. The reason for my concern was I was hoping the cake would be a little higher. It's Delish either way just curious.

    • Sorry, I didn't see this before. When I say to add in batches, I mean add the flour little by little and not all at once. The reason of adding the flour this way is to keep the fluffiness of the egg batter. I hope this explains it.

    • Hello Crystal,

      At the time of mixing the egg batter with the flour, it has to be in a very gently folding manner, to keep the batter fluffy. Other thing, could be the baking powder, did you check the expiration date? Don't give up on the recipe, many people had tried with great results.
      Happy baking!

    • Hello Kelly,
      So many things can happen while baking. Baking is a science by itself, sometimes is the temperature of the oven, the eggs not fluffy enough, baking powder with a pass due expiration date. Do not give up on the recipe, several people had tried it with great success.

  7. I am planning on making this for Christmas. However, I will be traveling about 25 minutes. I live in Maine, so I can keep the car relatively cool. Can I put on the frosting before I leave (allowing some time to refrigerate it) or should I do that after I get to my destination?

  8. Would chocolate ganache be good on this? I've never had tres leche cake before but I wanna try to make one for my daughter's birthday in April. I wanna try out some recipes first though and make sure we like it and that I can perfect the recipe.

  9. Hello Mely, I want to make this cake but none of my family drink so i was wandering if the liqueur in the recipe will effect us at all or will it bake away and does it make a difference in the taste of the cake if i do not want to use it

  10. Mmmm, making Pork Carnitas for dinner and this for dessert. Family LOVES eating all of this deliciousness from your recipe blog. Thank you Mely!

    I'm looking for the method to fry corn tostados for the pork. If its not on your blog (I'll look) and also will find on the internet, but I'm sure you've got some great techniques I'd love to learn.

  11. Could this be made as a double layer round cake? I made it for the first time last night and frosted it this afternoon and it turned out yummy! I've never had tres leche cake before though so I'm not sure exactly how it was supposed to taste. A few things I noticed I may have done wrong……. 1) the cake turned out kinda flat. I'm unsure why. 2) I missed where it said set syrup aside and pour on once cake is cool. The cake was cool but the syrup was warm. 3) I didn't realize I was out of plastic wrap and used tin foil. 4) The frosting seemed really light. Not sure how light it's supposed to be. Would any of these things change the outcome of the cake? It was really good though. I didn't use the rum because I was giving my almost 2 year old some and wasn't sure if it would cook out enough for her. Would it be safe to use rum if you plan on kids eating some?

    • Hello Brianna,
      Yes, you can make a double layer, I personally had never make it that way, but it can be done. The flat part could be due to many reasons, remember that baking is a science and there are many factors that affect the end results. Sometimes is the oven temperature, other times is the freshness of the baking powder. Aluminum foil is fine instead of plastic film. The frosting has to hold its shape once you beat the cream. Make sure to use a cold bowl. I always place the glass bowl and the mixer beaters in the freezer for at least half an hour before mixing the cream. (Do not freeze the cream) Not everyone use rum, for the same reasons that you mention. You can use vanilla instead.
      Happy baking! 😉

  12. Hey. So i had a question about the milk mixture. Do we pour it when its still a little bit warm, or should we also let the mixture cool?

  13. For the milk mixture, what sized cans should we be using? Wondering if i need the small or large can of evaporated milk

  14. I made this for my friends birthday and everyone loved it. It was the best recipe I have tried! So now my friends are asking me to make it for them, but the only problem is that they do not eat eggs. How can we make this without the eggs??
    Thanks so much!!

  15. Hi! I actually made this today, however my cake came out flat too, Ive made sponge cake before and usually to have a full proof spongey cake that will not come out flat you need to first whip the egg whites till nice and fluffy and then add the yolks if using the yolks, afterwards slowly add the sugar, thats normally how I do it and learned to do it that way, however I wanted to give your method a try because learning new things is good! Now when I whipped up the whole eggs it took longer for the eggs to whip, and I got a nice amount of volume, however, when I mixed in the butter the consistency turned sort of weird, I have never made sponge cake using butter, so I'm not sure how the batter is supposed to look? Now, I saw your picture of how your batter came out and it looks FANTASTIC but I don't know what I did wrong, once I mixed all the butter in (and I did it slowly) the batter turned streaky and looked oily like it was coming apart, when I added the flour the batter looked much better, but I wanted to know why do you think this happened? do you think I overbeated the eggs? I don't think I did, but you never know, anyways my cake is cooling in the fridge, I didnt worry about the cake coming out a tad flat, but that was because my volume went down after I added the butter, BUT knowing that it is a sponge cake it is soaking up the liquid nicely!~ By the way thank you for sharing these recipes!

    • The butter also has to be added slowly, little bu little. And it had to be melted but cool. A war or hot butter will kill of the fluffy eggs.
      Thank you fro trying the recipe!

    • Hello,

      Of course you can, nowadays there are many cakes similar to this that combine not even 3 but 4 types of milk, and some add coconut milk or some liquor.

      Happy baking!

    • Hello Ellie,

      Is you over beat the eggs while adding the flour (little by little), this will create that the air or bubbles we had start collapsing that the cake will not have the effect we want of absorbing the liquids.

  16. Hi Mely,

    I've made this cake three times already, my family loves it. Can you tell make if I can make it ahead of time and freeze it?

  17. Mely thank you for sharing this recipe. I made it for a Fiesta and all the guests could not get enough! It was absolutely delicious! I added Cointreau and rum to the milks before soaking the cake, turned out great. I've already shared your web site with friends requesting the recipe. Looking forward to trying more recipes from your website. Thank you! Edith Orlando, FL.

  18. If I want a nice stronger fresh dairy taste can I play with the milk mixture and change the portions to be more heavy on the fresh milk? Or must I keep everything in the same proportions. I am originally from Wisconsin and my husband is Mexican so it must be authentic enough for him but I love fresh dairy.

    • Hello Sara,

      You can do any combination you want according to your taste. That will be up to you is you want to lean towards the heavy milk flavor or the mexican (media crema) flavors. HAve fun!

  19. Hi Mely,

    Thank you for this recipe! I absolutely failed but I kind of suspected I would. My husband is Mexican and this is his favorite cake so I wanted to make him a proper one for his birthday. I've never made a cake like this before and when I was making it I kind of felt like I was messing up. I'll keep trying though! He'll eat whatever I make so he wont mind me practicing.

    We both love your blog by the way, he's already made your agua fresca and one of your marinades.


  20. I want to put a layer of fruit and whipped cream in the middle of the cake. Would you do this before or after pouring the milk over it? I don’t want to put the filling in and have it prevent the bottom layer from not absorbing the milk.

    • Hello Rosa,

      Pour the milk over the first layer, then add the fruit and cream on top of that first layer. Later on when the fruit and cream had settled, pour the rest of the milks mix to the top layer.

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