Mexican Dessert Buffet Table and Calling Family and Friends

Mexican dessert buffet1 This week I had a great time participating at the Cricket Wireless Celebration for the Hispanic Heritage Month. As a member of the Hispanic Community in the Washington DC area, they invited me to feature some desserts from our Latin culture. To celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month, Cricket Wireless was offering free international calls to the anyone who attended the event. We live in a multicultural community here in this area and we greeted people from Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, and other Latin American countries. It’s nice to see that more and more US companies are reaching out to the Hispanic community, learning and embracing our culture with promotional events like this one.

The dessert table had a sample of some of the recipes that you can find here on my blog. I though it will be a good idea to post the pictures in case you ever wanted to make a Mexican-themed party and need some ideas. The menu consisted of the following items: Sweet Potato and Coconut “Atropellado”, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Rice Pudding, Tres Leches Cake,Polvorones” cookies, and sweet bread “Conchas”. All the recipes but the conchas are on the blog. The Sweet Potato and Coconut was a favorite with the crowd.
cricket1 I arrived early and there were few people, but later on I got so busy sharing recipes with the attendees that I forgot to take more pictures.
Mexican Dessert Buffet2
I hope this’ll help you create a Mexican-Themed Buffet if you ever need to make one. Thank you Cricket Wireless for the invitation; it was a memorable experience!



  1. That's a beautiful table! It's nice to be able to participate in something like that. Good job, Mely :)

  2. What a beautiful and colorful display! You did such an amazing job representing our Hispanic culture :) Have a great day Mely!!


  3. The display is so very eye appealing. I bet everything was delicious. I know I would love to try all those desserts! ~ Catherine


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