Holiday Gifts Guide, 10 ideas for that especial someone in your list.

Sometimes people get so busy during the Holidays that they end up buying last minute Christmas gifts without thinking if the recipient is going to like them or not. Personally, I try as much as I can to give something that will be useful to them, and that will make his/her life easier (presents that won’t end up getting re-gifted or sold at next spring’s garage sale). This time around, I’m sharing a little bit of my personality with the types of items I would select to give for Christmas or other special occasions. Here are some unique, charming, & unusual items for several types of interests, budgets, ages, and even personalities. You don’t want to always keep giving out sweaters and pajamas to your loved ones, right?

1. Soup and Sandwich Ceramic Duo: When I first saw this, I thought it would be perfect for someone who always eats lunch at work, as these cute little plates will make anyone feel at home. This combo would also be great for those relaxed rainy-day meals.
2. Eye Glasses Holder: Check these out! Aren’t they really funny? A group of craftsmen in India are trying to help you keep track of your glasses. These hand-carved wooden statuettes are perfect for holding your glasses when you're not using them. No more searching around blindly for them or trying to remember where you last put them. Believe me, it happens to me very often.
And these friendly faces also have a story to tell: they were created by HSSS, a non-profit in India that helps underprivileged artisans, who suffer hardships like physical handicaps, illiteracy, extreme poverty, or being in lower castes. HSSS helps these craftsmen find markets around the world for their beautiful wooden products. Looks like an interesting Christmas Gift for men
3. Open Sesame! Password reminder Book: “What’s my name again?” That is me all the time, more often now than before (maybe age has something to do with it). But how many times have you gone to a website that asks you for your username and password and your mind just go completely blank? You start trying to guess which one out of the dozens of passwords you’ve used before is the right one, and end up giving up and resetting it. This cute little notebook seems like the perfect gift for those of us that go through this situation too often. It features spaces for account name, username, password, and password hint. Isn’t that neat?
bluetooth tracking tag
4. Bluetooth Tracking Tag: Do you remember back in the 90’s the whistle that would help you find your keys? That might be history now, but today you can easily find your keys with your phone! Just press a button on your phone to locate whatever is attached to it. It's a much faster alternative to looking everywhere for the car keys, only to find them hours later in the freezer. Lost your phone, but have your tracking tag? No problem – this handy device works both ways! Just touch the alert button on the tag to locate your phone in seconds. This item can also help you locate other items like your iPad, remote, wallet, etc. Now, if they could just invent a device to lose other things, like pounds.
Uncommongoods5 5. Story of the Earth Set of 7 Bracelets: The colors of these bracelets really caught my attention. It’s a lovely piece of arm candy for younger people, or those that are young at heart (like me). The whole earth and its history is right at hand to help you express yourself. Each band has a unique combination of colors, charms, beads and decorative knot work, allowing you to find a symbolic meaning in each one. Uncommongoods3
6. Eco Feather Hand Warmers: Do you have to take the dog out, or carry several grocery bags in one trip, but your winter gloves are just too bulky? I absolutely love these fingerless gloves, they’re double-thick for warmth and stretch to provide a comfortable fit. With these hand warmers, you can still be fashionable and stay warm when running errands. To contrast that grounded background color, a white feather appliqué adds a light touch of flair as it wraps around the back of the hand. A gorgeous Christmas Gift Women.19388_TastingPlate(Big) (1)
7. Tasting Plate: Don’t you just love this practical idea? Now you don’t need to make several trips to the kitchen to carry the appetizers and dipping sauces. This means more time entertaining and less time carrying small plates. The small dipping circles can each contain one ounce of liquid, and remain separate to prevent unsavory mingling. You can also use them to serve desserts like Mexican Buñuelos with syrup, sugar and dulce de leche sauces.
8. Recycled Verano Margarita Glasses from Mexico: Of course, you don’t have to wait until the summer to have a Margarita, and with these colorful glasses, you’ll feel right in the mood for the famous drink in any season.
9. Recycled Glass Verano Pitcher: This pitcher will also be of great use when serving your aguas frescas during the hot days of summer. It has a multicolored rim and a lot of personality. You can also fill it up with a sangria or margarita mix. Cheers! – ¡Salud!
10. Multicolor Ombre Stemless Glasses Set: Just by looking at this picture, I wonder if I still need to tell you just how gorgeous these wine glasses are. These beautiful works of art are also made in Mexico. Plus, the different colors will help everybody keep track of their drink during a dinner or party!
I selected all of the above gift ideas from UncommonGoods. If you’re not familiar with this impressive website, you are in for a real treat. You can spend a lot of time just checking out things for yourself, but you also need to shop for gorgeous items for that special someone in your life (or the kids). You will find lots of cool gifts, ranging from home decor to kitchen items and fun jewelry. And the best part is that with every purchase you’ll be contributing to a good cause, since part of the sales are donated to several non-profit organizations.

Stop by their website, enjoy your shopping and have some happy holidays!

What is your favorite form them all?

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