Why We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in America.

Margarita1B                                           Cocktail Margarita
5 de Mayo is often taken as another excuse to gather with friends, have lots of beer, drink Margaritas, and eat guacamole with tortilla chips. Just like we use Saint Patrick’s Day to drink even more beer.
However, the victory at the battle of 5 de Mayo was of great significance for the Mexican-American people of that time.

General Ignacio Zaragoza, leader of a poorly armed force of Mexican soldiers, won the battle of 5 de Mayo against the undefeated French Army. The French Army, double the size of Zaragoza's men, was considered the most powerful army in the world.

What few people know is that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California were once part of the Mexican republic just 15 years before the battle of 5 de Mayo. Even though these territories were part of U.S.A. at the time of the battle of 5 de Mayo, the epic battle was celebrated by Mexican-Americans from Texas to California as a way to show solidarity with their mother country. Of course, they did not celebrate right away because the news back then did not travel as fast as it does today. However, this celebration was not a public thing, some people just celebrated in their homes with close friends and relatives. Mexican civic and social clubs also celebrated by organizing dances.

Nowadays, 5 the Mayo is considered an important date to celebrate the music, culture, and food of the large Mexican community.

If you wish to join this celebration with friends and family with authentic Mexican dishes this 5 de Mayo, here are some recipes that you can use.

Enjoy these Crispy Tacos filled with shredded chicken, beef or mashed potatoes. Then topped them with lettuce, crumbled cheese and drizzle with cream.

chicken Tostadas mexicoinmykitchenNothing more Mexican than beef or Chicken Tostadas

Chicken tinga2Chicken Tinga is a great dish to make ahead and serve over tortilla chips or tostadas.
Michelada6ab.jpgEnjoy a Michelada!
Enchiladas suizas22   Another dish that can be prepared ahead of time Enchiladas Suizas.
Shrimp Cocktail Camarones3AAnd for the seafood lovers a Shrimp Cocktail with a spicy sauce.
sopes3 And for those  of you, that love the taste of corn masa, nothing like these little Sopes topped with shredded beef.

Have a happy Cinco de Mayo!!


  1. great dishes - while I live in NYC now I am from New Mexico and my family has lived there for over 300 years -

  2. great post loved to learn the history lol

  3. we sent saturday camping in the town of goliad, texas where ignacio zaragoza was born (my 2nd son was named after juarez & ignacio)... it was kind of fun to learn more about him and be at the party they had for him. too bad for swine flu b/c then we would have met the mexican delegates.

  4. Hi there,

    Doggybloggy: It really makes me glad to know that you could have some roots down south of the border.

    Chow and chatter: Thanks for stopping by.

    You are right Janet, Ignacio Zaragoza was from Texas in what used to be part of the Mexican State of Coahuila. I love the phrase in his letter to then President "Benito Juarez" telling him about his victory. "The national arms have been covered with glory."
    Anyway, I think is great that you could at least be at the celebration in Goliad, TX.

  5. Well yes! We are here in an adobe built by the Spanish in 1820 and then in 1823 this entire region became a part of Mexico called Alta California. We have a very large Cinco de Mayo celebration here with great music and food...yours is magnificent and would make an amazing buffet...we are going to the plaza for plenty of tamales & marguerites. Best from Santa Barbara, s

  6. Oh my! I'm sitting here admiring the food, I love mexican cuisine. I make it often!

  7. Mely siempre un placer visitarte! Que delicia. Oye te platico que el sabado pasado me avente a hacer tus dos salsas la verde y la roja con los tomatitos y el chile tatemados. Que cosa mas rica! Es la primera vez que la hacia asi y tuvo un super exito!

    Un abrazo fuerte querida!

  8. Hola Silvia,

    Que gusto verte de nuevo por aca. Que bueno que te quedaron ricas las salsas.

    Un abrazo,


  9. Thank you for that history part. I didn't know about the importance of 5 May for Mexicans. I love learning such info. And thanks for the recipes. I can join you celebrating it by cooking these dishes.

  10. Para mí, LAS PUNTAS DE FILETE A LA MEXICANA! como se me antojaron! y luego Con unas tortillas recién hechas, y una corona o una negra modelo jaajaja. Felicidades Mely!

  11. Hola Nora,
    En eso pense yo con una coronita bien fria! :)

    Hello Zerrin, I hope you could join us cooking something Mexican.

  12. it's all about blind prejudice. Americans should celebrate canadian victory day, russian, british, slovs, south african, cuban, korean, vietnamese, northern ireland, turkish victory days. More reasons to cheer!

  13. I enjoyed your post...love all the food and most of all thanks for the info.I think theres many of us who dont understand what is cinco de mayo and we dont have the courage to ask.. lol!I like your blog, very yummy and informative.. so I followed you.

  14. Hola Mely,
    Your post is wonderful! Your food is always outstanding and today is really special. Thank you so much for sharing your history and your talent with us. This is how we learn from each other. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you next week!

  15. I loved the history behind this Mely. The recipes are an added bonus!!

  16. Que Rico!! Siempre es un placer ver tus platillos...!


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