15 wonderful ways to enjoy Poblano Peppers

recipes using poblano peppers

If you are wondering what to cook with all those Poblano peppers that you got from your garden or   from your local market, here are some ideas for you to enjoy them: Poblano peppers stuffed with Picadillo (Mexican ground beef and vegetables), tamales with a gooey filling of cheese and roasted peppers, roasted peppers strips with cream, Pasta with creamy Poblano peppers sauce, pork in pipian sauce, vegetable garden soup, green Pozole,  Green Mole, and my friend Gaby’s Chiles en Nogada recipe.
recipes using poblano peppers

And here is another list of recipes that are also made adding roasted Poblano pepper strips: Cheese in tomato sauce, sweet corn cream-soup, sweet corn cake, corn and zucchini Mexican Style, corn masa empanadas with squash blossoms and Melted cheese with chorizo

recipe  chiles rellenos

I hope you enjoy these dishes! I will be posting a recipe for enchiladas using roasted poblanos in a couple of days, stay tuned.  If you have a special recipe using Poblano peppers, please feel free to share it below!

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  1. Hi, Mely. I have been visiting your website for a while now and have made several of your recipes but never commented. Thank you so much for sharing because they are all very delicious. Your recipes have helped me cook better, of course, but have also created a connection to my heritage that I didn't have before. I only knew some of the basics because I didn't learn from my elders when I was younger, and you have given me that through your recipes.

    I use this picadillo recipe frequently. The only thing I don't do is pulverize the tomato because my food processor is broken, but I chop the tomato fine and use ripe tomatoes and it still comes out great. I love how the sweetness of the peas and carrots meet the spiciness of the poblano. Thanks again, Mely!



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