Traditional recipes to make for the "Day of the Dead"

Day of the dead foods and drinks
Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration when we remember our loved ones who have died. We prepare an altar with pictures of our relatives and friends who have passed away. we light candles and place flowers on the table, along with the food that our loved ones enjoyed during their lives. Some of the most popular dishes you will find on those altars are: Tamales, Mole, enchiladas, etc. These are just a few of the many dishes that will be present during this special celebration.

Day of the dead foods and drinks
My sister and I set this altar for my father a couple of years ago. Besides the traditional food, we added roasted peanuts, he loved to eat peanuts, and fruit, a great deal of fruits.

Click on the recipe name to go to the recipe: Café de olla- Coffee from the pot, Basic Atole recipe, Champurrado, a thick chocolate drink, Pork Tamales wrapped in banana leaves, Basic Tamales recipe using masa harina, Zacahuil, one large tamal, Mole Poblano, Enchiladas rojas, Red Pozole, Buñuelos with an aromatic syrup, Candied Pumpkin, Candied Sweet potatoes. 

Day of the dead foods and drinks

And last but not least "Pan de Muerto", bread of the dead. 

Enjoy and preserve our traditions.


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