Friday, October 23, 2015

What would I do if I went back to my home country?

Thanks to the partnership I have with Delta on this post, I’m sharing my trip back home.

I know that many of my readers have visited Mexico, have family in Mexico, are married to a Mexican, or just love Mexican food. Sometimes I receive emails from readers requesting information about places to visit in Mexico or foods to try in a particular city they are visiting. The possibilities are endless, and as I had mentioned many times before, every region has a lot to offer on tourism attractions and food destinations.  But, if I go to Mexico, the first thing I will do, will be to visit my mother, brothers, and sisters. And right after that, I will hit the road to visit all those places that sell the food I always talk about with you here in the blog, like that Torta de la Barda in my hometown, or the “Picaditas” for breakfast in the city port of Veracruz. 

But now, thanks to Delta Air Lines, we can all have a chance to make that dream trip back home a reality. 

To visit our culture and our families, with free direct non-stop flights to selected cities in Latin America, and enjoy the rich gastronomy our country has to offer.  The only thing you have to do, in order to be considered for this contest, is to visit their website and create your personal trip story. I just created mine.  

What would I do on a trip to Mexico? Well, almost immediately I think about many of the historical places in Mexico, like the majestic pyramids of Teotihuacan, which can be seen from the air as the plane makes its final approach to the International Airport. I would visit its beautiful beaches in the Caribbean or go up northwest to Los Cabos in the California State. And just the thought of our rich cultural heritage makes me think about the local food that has made Mexico famous around the world: mole poblano, quesadillas, chiles en nogada, and of course I can’t forget the variety of pastries and bread from our Mexican bakeries.

This is an opportunity that we cannot let go. I invite and encourage all of you to visit Delta Air Line’s My Next Trip Back contest website and enroll for the chance to win a trip to one of the new direct destinations in Latin America. 

Hopefully, one of you can be the lucky one to take that trip back home and make your dream trip a reality.

You can participate visit this link: HERE 


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