Beef Tostadas: a Comfort Food / Receta de Tostadas de Carne Deshebrada

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Yes, I know. Comfort food has many names and shapes. Yours could be macaroni and cheese or your mother’s famous soup. Mine has a name too: Beef Tostadas; a flat crispy fried corn tortilla with Shredded beef or even with chicken or just plain beans, garnished with lettuce, tomato, onions and fresh cheese without forgetting a good salsa to enhance the flavors.

Some days when I find myself feeling the “nostalgia” of missing my home country, is the perfect excuse to prepare these delicious tostadas, listening to one of my favorites romantic Mexican radio stations via the internet. This combination seems to cure all kind of “blues” I may have. And for a moment, everything seems fine. It’s all good! (It will be interesting to know what are some of the comfort foods of other cultures).
Shredded Beef Tostadas, easy and delicious treat.

Antojitos must be one of the most missed dishes for any Mexican living abroad. Tostadas is just one of the many antojitos that can be prepared with different types of toppings, like chicken, beef, seafood, beans and pork feet. Yes, pork feet indeed!

Tortillas were sun-dried since the ancient Aztec times, to make them last longer.  Still, some years ago, you could find sun-dried tortillas in popular cities, like Toluca in Central Mexico. It took several days to dry the tortillas, depending on the weather. At home, you can use your oven to dry the tortillas, placing them on a baking sheet, brush them with vegetable oil and cover them with your cooling rack to keep them flat. Then toast at 200 degrees (low temperature) for about 10 minutes. Or, as an alternative, you can deep-fry the tortillas in oil until golden, rigid and crispy. Drain on paper towels. This is the most common method used in Mexico.

Tostadas oven baked
Oven Baked Tostadas Process

Note: A day-old tortillas are better for tostadas since they absorb less oil and laying them over your counter overnight will start the drying process. Place a kitchen towel and remove the tortillas from their plastic packing, layer and cover them with another towel.

Chicken Tostadas, a classic mexican dish

Besides beef tostadas, you can also make the tostadas with other toppings like chicken, ground beef, cooked fish, fish ceviche, pork… Well… you get the idea.

Ingredients for 6 Tostadas

  • 6  fried tortillas
  • 1 cup of warm refried beans
  • 2 cups of cooked and shredded skirt steak  or your favorite meat, veggie or seafood
  • 3 cups of Shredded romaine  lettuce
  • 1 medium size tomato, chopped
  • 1/2 small onion, diced
  • 1 cup of crumbled queso fresco (Feta and Parmesan are a good substitution).
  • 1 avocado diced or sliced
  • 1/2 cup of  Mexican cream or Creme Fraiche
  • A good salsa of your choice

Oven baked tostadas Beef tostadas
Oven Baked Tostadas vs Fried Tostadas

For the meat:

You can use leftover meat from a different cut of meat. Shred it or cut in small bite-size pieces. If you are starting from scratch, cook the meat earlier or the day before. I like to cook the meat in the morning and always make enough to freeze and use in other dishes.

For this recipe you will need 1 pound of Skirt steak, 1/4 pc. of a small onion, 2 garlic cloves, and 1 bay leaf. Place the ingredients in a stock pot filled with water and cook over medium heat. Cooking time will be about 2 hours until meat is tender enough to be shredded. Let it cool, season with salt and pepper. But I always cook more that one pound. Meat cooked this way is great for tacos, sopes sandwiches and much, much more.

Now to the assembly process
Shredded Beef Tostadas, a delicious Mexican dish

1. Spread a small amount of the refried beans on one side of each tostada. About 2 tablespoons. Then add the shredded meat evenly among the tostadas
2.  Top the tostada with lettuce, onion, and tomato.

3. Sprinkle with the crumbled cheese and avocado. Let your guests or family members add the cream to their liking. Serve immediately.
Do not forget to have a hot salsa and lots of napkins handy.
shredded Beef Tostadas, a traditional way to prepare this dish.

And now, let me ask you: What is the name of your favorite comfort food?

¡Buen provecho!
Mely Martinez

The following pictures where my first pictures for this recipe. 


  1. I would find these tostadas soul satisfying. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh these look very tasty and look well plated.yum!

  3. This looks so delicious!! The crunch - the flavors!

  4. Hi Mely,
    Tostadas is one of my comfort food too. I like them a lot! But I have to say that nothing gives me more comfort then a good hot caldo de res with warm fresh made tortillas de maíz... yum, my favorite!

  5. Mouth wateringly delicious!!!

  6. Mely,
    que ricas tostadas!
    Pues a mi me encantan las tostadas de ceviche, ya pasaron ocho años, pero me acuerdo muy bien de unas tostadas que comí en la palapa azul en la playa del tecolote (La Paz, BCS).

    Un abrazo!

  7. Yummy...tostadas are my favorite, though caldo de queso takes a very close second vote.

    Love your site, thanks for sharing.

  8. They look amazing. I want to try cooking the meat in the pressure cooker to make it faster.

    I have too many comfort foods. A simple beans, ham and cheese torta with bolillos fresh from the bakery, my mom's conchitas soup with Chiapas cream cheese (the one wrapped in wax), enchiladas with minced beef and mole, empanadas with cabbage on top, tamales de masa colada, caldo de barbacoa, so many. You can tell I grew up in Tabasco hahaha.
    Thanks for your great blog.

  9. Mely,

    Tostadas looks delicious. I love to try them with veggie version.If you go to any Indian store you can get sambhar powder ready made packet also asafeotida or if you have to make some in home here is link.

  10. Those look and sound fabulous! Thank you for the instructions and recipe. :)

  11. p.s. My favorite comfort food is a bakes potato with real butter.

  12. Hi,

    Velva, Belinda and Gloria, thanks for stopping by. Have a great exciting weekend.


  13. Hola Prieta, Caldo de res is so good to feel close to home in those cold days when we are homesick.

    Happy weekend!


  14. Hello,
    Mommy Set free, Helga and Cory,
    I hope you can try the tostadas at home.


  15. Hola Flavio,
    No se te hace interesante como la gastronomia de La Paz, B.C. es tan diferente a otras costas de Mexico. A mi me sorprendio que puedes ir a comer tacos de mariscos en las mananas! Y que hay un monton de puestos en las calles llenos de gente comiendolos. Si alguien me lo contara no lo creeria pero ya que estas ahi le entras a los tacos de mariscos.


    Y porque no haces las tostadas en tu casa?


  16. Hola Anilu,

    Tenia tiempo que no visitabas Todos esas comidas me encantan. Las emoladas delos domingos de carne molida con aceitunas y pasitas. Hhmmmm..
    Las empanadas de queso de Chiapas revuelto con azucar. Note creeas aqui seguido las hago pero con queso fresco.
    Ahora voy a tener que contactar a alguien en Tabasco para que me envien un quesito de esos ya que de todos los quesos Mexicanos el queso de Chiapas es mi favorito.



  17. me encantan las tostadas! de tinga de pollo.. ummm =p

  18. Mely,
    tienes toda la razón, hay que intentar a hacer tostadas en casa, la verdad es que en esta casa casi nunca freímos.
    Te confieso que las tostadas con chipotle que venden en México me encantan, me comería un sobre entero sin darme cuenta.
    Lo bueno es que en dos meses voy a tener chances de hacerlo! :-D

    Un abrazo querida Mely.


  19. I could get very comfortable eating this! There is nothing like the smell of good corn tortillas in the making...yum!

  20. Wow! I have been studying in Santiago, Chile for 4 months (in two months I return to LA!!) and you would be surprised how different Chilean food is from Mexican. I miss this food so much!!!

    My comfort food is my mom's sopa. She makes it with little shell pastas, tomato sauce, caldo de pollo, and lots of queso! Perfect for gloomy days :)

  21. Fantástico blog con unas deliciosas recetas. Gracias por compartir con todos nosotros éste hermoso blog.
    Te he conocido por casualidad y estoy encantada de haber pasado por aquí y disfrutar con tus recetas.
    Un abrazo desde Madrid y buen fin de semana.

  22. Para mí, una de las más simples y deliciosas recetas mexicanas. Fácil de hacer y apropiada para cualquier momento. ¡Lo tiene todo!


  23. I have so many favorite comfort foods that I can't name them all...but these would be perfectly comforting to me at any time, I love tostadas. Delicious, Mely.

  24. I haven't had a good tostada in ages. I'm going to have to make some soon!

  25. Hello Gracie,
    You are right, tostadas de Tinga must be a hit here at home. I also like Tinga in empanadas.


    Hola Flavio,

    Are you planning to travel to Mexico this summer? If so, enjoy the trip.

    Hi Lyndsey

    Yes, fried tortilla has an aromatic lure to the kitchen.
    Have a great weekend.


  26. Hola Marcella,
    Well, it is jut for 4 months. Enjoy Chile. It’s people and culture. And take many pictures to share in your blog.

    Hola Julia,
    Que gusto que la casualidad te haya traido aqui. Saludos a Madrid.

    Hola Encintura/Nikk,
    Me pregunto si ya vende tortillas por alla en tu parte del mundo.



  27. Hi Jay,

    I hope you are tempted to make them. ☺

    Hola Heather,
    I bet you have a long list of favorites as comfort food.

    Maybe now is the best time to cook some tostadas for dinner.

    Glad you all stop by.

    Un abrazo,


  28. O sea que tú haces desde las tostada? wow!!! sí que eres virtuosa eh? qué bárbara !!
    Lo que describes de tu nostalgia por tu país, me hace imaginarte perfecto, como en película, escuchando TU música y haciendo TU comida.. qué lindo y no sé siento nostalgia al pensar en tí... pero qué bien que sabes hacer tantas rica comida mexicana.. por que por ese lado no le sufres nada Melyy.
    Rica receta, me encantan las tostadas, yo esta semana también hice, de pollo y jamón, fácil y rico , ah!! fresco !
    un beso querida amiga

  29. Happy weekend! Don't forget to come over and share a recipe at Savory Sunday!!

  30. @Yes, Amanda. i will be there for sure.

    @Pily, te envio un abrazo amiga.


  31. hi Mely, this looks perfect!!, can i have one to go please? :) hope you had a nice week end

  32. Woooooo que ricoooo, yo quiero una no mejor dos me haz hecho agua la boca que ricas tostadas, gracias por compartirnos tu rica receta, besos lindo domingo

  33. I've loved tostadas from that first bite, so I know these will be brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  34. On tostada days, my mom would fry the corn tortillas early in the day, stack them sideways with paper towels between them, and then store them in a blue speckled enamel pot in the lower oven. So we could prepare them easily ourselves. We only used fresh refried beans (no cans) and no meat. Thanks for bringing back that fantastic memory.

  35. I love tostadas, and these look great! I want to bite into one... mmm.. some of my favorite comfort foods are dishes my mom made for me when I was little, for example her stewed oxtail. I think comfort foods are directly linked to personal experiences!

  36. @Nammi
    Of course you can have more that one. Hugs to the little ones.

    @Hola Norma,

    Que alegria verte publicar de nuevo. Un beso para ti tambien.

    You are right, it is love at first bite.

    @Maria Ontiveos,
    Wise woman your mother. Those instructions should be in any tostada recipe. This is a meal that need to be well planned to avoid any rush at dinner time. Thanks for that useful tip.

    @Karen from Globetrotter Diaries,

    Oxtail Soup! Please, share your mother's recipe. Oxtail is well loved here at home in stew during winter time.



  37. This look wonderful! Thanks for linking up to savory sunday!

    If you are interested in doing a guest post some time I would LOVE to have you!! Let me know :)

  38. @Amanda- Eating in Winnipeg

    It is fun to visit the links to this past Savory Sunday.
    Amanda, thanks for the invitation, you are very kind.

    I will love to do a guest post anytime.


  39. Deveras que las tostadas es un platillo que te saca de apuros. Qué vienen los cuates de tu marido, pues tostadas, que vamos de día de campo, tostadas, que vamos a ver que picamos tostadas.
    Y sabes qué Mely? Que me doy cuenta que desde que estoy aquí no me he comido tostadas porque antes las compraba en el mercado de la Guerrero, y son ma-ra-vi-llo-sas, son super sabrosas, no están grasosas, están salitas y sabe el maíz tan rico. Incluso le compro a mi amiga que vive en Francia y se las lleva y se la pasa tostando antes de comerlas y vuelven a estar crujintes y frescas. Ahora que vuelva me voy a comprar mis tostadas. Son muy frescas con este caloron
    Un beso

  40. @Carmen
    Hola Carmen,

    Aqui venden de las ya tostadas pero la calidad deja mucho que desear.
    Muy buen punto eso que mencionas. Son tan practicas y versatiles que hasta con frijolitos frios se antojan.

    Un abrazo,


  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Hola querida Mely!! quien dice que la comida mexicana no es sana porque tiene mucha grasa? claro que con imaginación se pueden hacer delicias como éstas... sano y delicioso!
    Me diste un super antojo, además está especial para el clima de estos dias

  43. Hola Mely

    Creo que yo también me uno a los antojados jejeje pues me encantan las tostadas y es lo que preparo para la cena para salir del apuro, fácil y rápido y qué mejor que con una buena salsa picosa!

    Las tostadas me gusta freirlas... ya sé mucha grasa! pero les saco más sabor que las deshidratadas de bolsa. Haré la técnica en casa a ver qué tal pues uno tmb las puede sazonar con lo que quieras!

    Creo que prepararé esto para cenar!


  44. this looks so delicious and cute post my hubby cooks with Indian music on

  45. Jajaja que risa con Pily pero pues sí Mely, no le sufres nadita y qué mejor que tú para promover la verdadera comida Mexicana!

    Al menos apacientas tu nostalgia con tu música y tu comida!


  46. @Ziho

    Si Ziho,
    Ahi me veras escuchando a Alejandro fernandez y comiendo tostadas. :)

    Aparte me gusta esuchar los anuncios en la radio.



  47. The colors are just beautiful, Mely! They look absolutely delicious. What I wouldn't give for some of those today! I may have to change my plans and make Mexican food for tonight. It might be an emergency. :)

    Thank you for sharing your recipes! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Candace

  48. Me gustan mucho! pero me da flojera freirlas yo misma. Yo las compro =)

    Saludos Mely

  49. I might not be able to stop with just one. Look sooo good. Thanks for the tip about drying out the tostado overnight. I didn't know that.

  50. Oh, this makes me miss Mexico so, so much.

  51. Hello Grrengagirl,

    I am so glad you stopped by. Thanks fro your comment and hope you have a wonderful trip to Mexico.


  52. Ay Mely,
    yo que segun me puse a dieta,me andas tantiando con esas ricas tostadas.yo tambien la extrane.
    gracias por tu comentario, I was glued to the William Levy novela. esta bien buena la novela asta Buddy was following it everyday.
    fijate que quiero vivir aqui un tiempo,pero es muy dificil estar tan lejos de mi familia, pues aver que pasa en el futuro.

  53. Hi there, I just found your site via Girlichef and I'm absolutely loving it! Thank you so much for posting these recipes. I could spend all day reading them.

  54. @Kristen

    Hello Kristen,

    Thanks to you for leaving such a kind comment.
    Welcome to my kitchen.


  55. Tostadas...Please count me in! I love-love tostadas and I could imagine the whole
    flavors mixed together, DELICIOSO :) This goes straight into my to try list.

    Que delicia, Mely! Yo le daria un buen mordisco a estas tostadas tan ricas que hiciste:)



  56. Querida Mely: ya sabes que me desconecto de este mundo blogueril por un ratito, pero no me voy sin antes decirte que ha sido hermoso conocerte y tenerte de amiga, gracias por todo, gracias por tus comentarios y ánimo, gracias por tus mails y tu apoyo siempre...
    Seguimos en contacto y gracias

  57. @Pily Guzman

    Que pases unas felices vacaciones Pily.

    No te pierdas,

    Un abrazo,


  58. oh yum! this looks wonderful! don't forget to link up at savory sundays and i got a new blog url so i'd love you to come on over and follow me at my new blog!

  59. Mely, tu actualización dice que tienes tortas ahogadas pero no las puedo ver. Porque?!

  60. @Prieta

    Hola Prieta, te deje una nota en tu blog.

    Un abrazo,


  61. Se vé tan delicioso. I think, with all its wonderful components, Tostadas could be easily enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  62. I love tostadas... so easy to prepare... such a simple yummy summer meal :)

  63. Try adding more beans and skipping the meat; OR
    Try skipping the beans and meat and use guacomole as substitute.
    Have a meat, bean and guacomole tostado trio for dinner!

    1. Thanks for sharing you tostadas combination. I love the beans and fresh cheese combination.

      Happy cooking.


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