Mango Agua Fresca

Agua Fresca de Mango

Mango Agua Fresca Recipe Mexican

If you live in the USA and make this “Agua Fresca de Mango”, you will probably end up using mangos from Mexico. This is because most of the mangos sold in American supermarkets come from Mexico, a major mango producer. In fact, 23 of the 31 states in Mexico produce mangos! Other countries that have large productions of mangos are India, China, and the Philippines.

We love to eat mangos just by themselves when ripe, but we also use them to make desserts, preserves, salads, and drinks, like this Mango agua fresca. Mangos are also eaten before they’re ripe with lemon juice and ground hot dried pepper; this is a popular street food snack in Mexico (you can find a picture of that in one of my previous posts).

I think I have already written about a small scar I have on my face, right next to one of my eyes. Every time I see it, it brings back fun memories of climbing the mango trees at my grandpa’s house. I got the scar one day when I was up there on the tree eating some unripe mangos, when I somehow lost my balance and fell off. My grandpa was very upset and scared since he saw I was cut by one of the branches. I told him that there were so many mangos on those trees that my cousin and I thought about picking some of them to place on a table outside the house and sell them. My grandpa just laughed and he let us set up the table and try to sell the mangos.

Can you imagine, two 6-7 year-old girls selling mangos on a hot summer day?! We didn’t sell a single mango that day, and now that I think of it, we might have been better off selling Mango Agua Fresca instead of those unripe mangos! Too bad we didn’t think of that.
 Enjoy the recipe!

Mango Agua Fresca Recipe photo



  • 2 Cups of peeled and chopped ripe mangos (About 4 Ataulfo Mangos)
  • ½ cup sugar*
  • 5 cups of water
  • 3 cups of ice cubes


  • I don’t like to use too much sugar, so if you feel like it needs more for your taste, add a few extra tablespoons.
  • You can use other types of mangos for this recipe.


Mango Agua Fresca Recipe cutting the mangos

1. Place the peeled & chopped mangos, sugar, and water in your blender. Process until you have a fine and smooth texture.

2. Pour in a large pitcher and add the ice cubes. Taste to check sweetness.

Mango Agua Fresca Recipe outdoor photo


 Buen provecho!

Mely Martinez

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  1. Thank you Mely, I live in Mexico in the area of many Mango trees so enjoy them almost daily when in season. Right now they are coming to an end until next year. But then we have many papayas and bananas here as well. Thank you for your posts. I really enjoy them.

    1. Hello Jeannie,
      Thank you for visiting. Enjoy the last mangos of the season!

  2. oh yummm... looks so refreshing. have a nice week


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