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¡Saludos! Mely

Thank you so much for writing your blog in english. Authentic recipes for Mexican food are not common. I came searching info on making masa. I bought white pozole corn last year in Puerto Vallarta and am soaking and cooking it now with hydrated lime. The corn hulls seem a bit hesitant to loosen but I will persevere. 

Mely, I wish you all the best and thanks again for writing down what you know and enriching our lives. 


Hi Mely,

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your recipes.  My husband is from Veracruz.  We live in 
Illinois.  We see his family at least once and sometimes twice/year.  He does not have any family in 
the US.  I know he must get homesick, but he never complains.  Once in awhile he will tell me 
something that his mom used to make.  I can always find the receta on your site, and I know it will 
always turn out delicious!  So THANK YOU for helping me bring a bit of Veracruz here to Illinois 
for my beloved husband!  I appreciate it so much!

Your fan, Jenny


I wanted to say hola and thank you for the amazing recipes on your site. My Wife is from the State of Puebla and I must say your pazole verde recipe was a home run. While heating the sauce I heard from upstairs, "It smells like Mexico". To say the least we enjoyed the meal very much!

Gracias, Michael

Hello Mely,
I made your Carnitas last night.  Thank you for making me a hero in my home.  I love to cook but am not very good at it.  Thanks to you, I finally made something that everyone loved.

Muchas gracias el pay de mango quedo delicioso! Voy a intentar hacer Los tacos pero si algun dia encuentra la receta exacta por favor me Lo hace saber. Muchos saludos

Omg la receta de buñuelos esta deliciosa gracias x compartir
Hello. I just wanted you to know that I have been searching for real Mexican dishes for sometime now. Other sites seem to think that adding cumin and a can of green chilies makes a meal Mexican. I have written down at least 5 recipes tonight. These all look so good. I'm going to make the lentil and chorizo this weekend. I will be visiting this site often

I was told by my Doc to clean my liver with Nopalitos and didn't have a clue how to cook with it, but now thanks to you, I do…and see if I can get my blood sugar down and my blood infection marker down. I am impressed that God has put you in so many places and you knew how to take that experience, and share it. Good for you.
Bob B.

I've wanted to learn how to cook authentic Mexican cuisine for a long is my favorite. Thank you so much for taking time to share these wonderful recipes! I'm really looking forward to trying all of them. Your Mexican rice is a staple in our home. Thanks again!

Oh my Mely, your Facebook page and your website are awesome. I really enjoy them both. I can't wait to make more of the traditional recipes. I just found the recipe for "Stones", I've been searching for a recipe for them for years. Thank you for all of the time and effort you've given to create such wonderful work. :) <3 Joanne O.

My dear friend is going through a great loss, so I wanted to make and deliver her a home-cooked meal. She used to live in California and loves Mexican cuisine so I made her a few dishes from your site. I love that I can use your recipes and know that they will turn out well every time!! Even my husband (born in Veracruz) gives me the thumbs up every time I make a dish!!! So they must be pretty fool-proof! 😉👍 thank you!!! Debbie P.

I really like your website! I've made a few of your recipes and I'm looking forward to making the pickles and salsa. Gotta eat the heat! Sam L.

I recently found your blog and fell in LOVE! My rice is soaking for horchata and I am making carne asada, beef tostadas, corn on the cob, and tres leches tomorrow. And I made home made salsa today  And the Jamaica agua fresca the other day. Thank you sooo much for posting all of these great recipes Jennifer L.

The Milanese Recipe is perfect--The quantities and cooking instructions are excellent!
Carmen T.
Hi Mely,

I happened upon your website while looking for what seems to be the unattainable so far – the perfect roasted tomato salsa recipe. After exploring your website, I found quite a few salsa recipes accompanied by your great stories, information and serving tips. YEAH! 
My husband and I LOVE Mexican food! Now, that I have found you, I can start making some of the dishes we love so much at home.

Sincerely, Lynn C.

I use your site often and LOVE the delicious authentic mexican foods.  In fact, my whole family does.  :)  Thank you! Carrie P.

Good morning! I was browsing and ran across your website. First, thank you so much. My mother in law is from mexico and always cook when we come around. My husband is returning from deployment and I will be turning to your website to make his favorite meals once he's back. Do you have a cookbook with all your recipes? If not please make one! Lol. I would love love love to buy.
Tianna W.

Dear Mely,

Thank you for the great recipe site! You have some very good recipes along with some excellent tips. I enjoyed reviewing so many of your recipes this morning and just had to thank you!!! 
Andee S.

Hi. I am enjoying your blog tremendously.
J. L
Hola Mely

How are you doing? I am doing well. Thank you so much for writing this blog with great Mexican recipes. It has helped me make great Mexican dishes for my boyfriend from Colima or how my co-worker said it "my man". My boyfriend loved the Tres Leche Cake that I made for his birthday and told me he has never had a Tres Leche Cake that taste's that good over here. Anyway I am writing you because I have noticed you don't have a Tortilla soup recipe on your page and my boyfriend has asked his sister for the recipe for 3 years and she still hasn't given it to him and he doesn't want to bother his mom with it even though he has asked her about other recipes before..
Lesly and L.

Great blog. Glad I found you.
I have a nice crop of "Dia de San Juan" corn growing. We will need a corm grinder to convert it to nixtamal.
Agustin M.

Hello. I love your recipes. I married a Mexican from Toluca several years ago and I have been trying all your recipes. He loves it!!! I had been looking for something different from the normal to cook and stumbled upon your page. I follow you on facebook and your website. Love your food and how easy it is to follow.
Kailee B.

I just came across your blog and I *love* it! It's obvious that you take great care and put your heart into sharing your recipes.
In the 20+ years since I met my husband, at the University of Georgia,  we've developed a unique blend of southern cooking-meets-south-of-the-border flavor (like fried pork chops with green salsa - yum!)
I enjoy collecting cookbooks and learning about Mexican cuisine and culture.
Thanks so much for a lovely, informative blog!
Julie D.

Hi Mely!

I just found your blog when searching for a basic corn tortilla recipe. I'm making a presentation for a nutrition and culture course that requires us to make discuss a personal traditional food. Mine is tortillas. 

Well, I love your blog and I'm ready to go make tortillas now! I could spend hours reading through all your posts. This is a great resource that I'll definitely be coming back to! You're photos are great and so are your directions.



Keep up the good work!  I love chili toreados and was excited to learn how to make them. I always order them in Houston and although they are never on the menu but they make them for me.
Larry M.

Good day

I came across your “Mexicoinmykitchen” and just loving it.

I am from South Africa and my fiancé and our friends just think I am a master chef when I make all your wonderful dishes. It is wonderful to find recipes that are traditional and easy to  make.  I now try and introduce a bit of Mexico in our everyday lunches and dinners just to give everyone a break from the normal South African food.

Thank you so much.

Kind Regards


Hi Mely, I am new to your website and I really enjoy your recipes.

The stories, the photos, I love them, I want to do all those recipes.

Keep up the good work! Thanks


Good afternoon Mely,

My name is Frank (Francisco) and I just found your food blog. I love to cook as I do 99% of all the cooking at home. You have such good recipes that I don't have and am dying to try them out. Most people I have tried wont share it at all or only give part of it. I recently moved to Seattle Washington from San Antonio Texas and no one up here even knows what Mexican food is. I have yet to find a real Mexican restaurant. It seems that all the Latinos here have forgotten how to cook. If I didn't prepare my own Mexican food I would die. 

Thank you so much for your time,


Holla Mely,

  I'm just writing you because I wanted to thank you for all of your amazing recipes! I'm from Veracruz, Mexico. I was raised here in the states. I'm twenty-six years old. I have two beautiful children. I have a seven year old boy and a four year old little girl. My husband is African American. So by having biracial children I want them to be open and embrace their roots. Which bring me back to you and your blog. I'm still getting use to this whole "house wife" title. My mother never taught me how to cook. So I had to teach myself. Boy oh boy that was a challenge! Let me just say THANK GOD I didn't send anyone to the hospital haha. I'm so happy to have found your blog. Seeing all your recipes brings me back to my childhood. That love for food that I have I want to be able to pass it down to my children. Thanks to you now I will be able to show my kids some of the food that I grew up with. So once again I would love to thank you and congratulate you on the wonderful work that you are doing. 

Que dios te bendiga. Un abrazo desde Reston, Virgina!

-Claudia B. 

Muchísimas gracias todas sus recetas están exquisitas! Cada que miro sus comidas se me hace agua la boca. Usted y sus recetas son toda una bendición en nuestro hogar. De echo mañana vamos hacer sus tamales rojos! Saludos desde California

I came upon your blog by accident and I am so glad that I did!  I was looking for "recetas de nopal" and when I saw your blog and opened it, WOW!!  Memories of my childhood came up!

I was born in south Texas, Rio Grande City, a small town on the border, between Laredo and Brownsville, Texas. My grandparents on both sides were Mexican. One pair moved to the coast of Texas, Port Lavaca. The other grandparents remained on the border. My parents were born in Texas, 1st generation.  Long story short, I grew up with many of your recipes, including "nopalitos".  My mother mixed them with scramble eggs during Lent.

Thank you for your blog!  I will be using your recipes, thank you for sharing!
Hasta luego, Saldaña N.

* * * * * 
Hi Mely,
I just want to tell you how much I love your blog, and thank you for sharing all the recipes you do. I grew up in Los Angeles, and my grandmother was from Mexico. She unfortunately passed away before I really got to know her and learn more about her family, how she grew up, and the cultures of Mexico.
I've been seeking for information about my Mexican heritage and unfortunately I cannot find much, but reading your recipes and hearing more about you has really allowed me to feel more connected to my Mexican heritage without being able to know more about it specifically. So thank you for that.
Keep doing what you're doing. It's really amazing.
Best, Lauren
* * * * *  
I love your blog! Thank you for sharing these awesome recipes!
I am an American, I was married to a Mexican. He came from Jalisco and we have 2 kids together. I want to teach them his side of their culture, and in my family, food is what brings our family together through emails and phone calls one conversation topic leads to the next and then next thing you know you are visiting your family.....well you know how that is! lol! And that's how I want to teach my kids to enjoy both cultures and I also want to teach them Spanish.
Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that your blog opens me up to the awesome food Mexico has to offer and the internet and friends is how I learned to cook Mexican and you are an awesome maestra! :) Thank you again! I will be visiting you often

* * * * * 
Hi Mely,
I'm so happy I found your website!  I love all these recipes.  It takes me back to my youth.  I was wondering if you have any recipes for Cuaresma? For example, tortas de camarron con nopalitos in red sauce?  I don't remember my mom's recipe too well.  Hopefully you have one to share. 
Anyway congratulations on a great site!  I've already passed it on to the rest of my sisters.
Juanita M.
* * * * *   
Hello Mely!
I stumbled upon your blog today as I was looking for some authentic Mexican recipes. It is my husband's favorite. We are moving to El Paso in a few months, but that is much too far to wait for good food. I am so excited to try some of your recipes, and my husband is excited to eat them! Thanks so much for providing such a great blog.
R. Boyer
* * * * * 
I am always searching for New/Old recipes and I am very knowledgeable about the Internet, so to come across your blog is a great surprise, I thought I had found great blogs but you proved me wrong, I am grateful to you for sharing your wealth of knowledge on Cooking and baking.  I am from originally Texas and have enjoyed eating Mexican America cooking, from my parents, grandparents and relatives.  Now that we have a very large family I try real hard to recreate the foods that we remember enjoying as kids, having 8 children and 8 great grandchildren we try to immure them in old school foods and finding your blog will help us meet that.
Thank you,
Sincerely,  Jesse
* * * * *  
Hello Mely,
I just stumbled across your blog while doing a search for chorizo recipes and I have to say, it's really fantastic.  I'll definitely be reading through your other posts in days to come. Thanks a lot!
Cheers, Brett 
* * * * *   
Hola Mely! I love your blog....have made several of your recipes with excellent results have) a recipe for Gracias....  Connie R.
* * * * * 
Hello Mely,
Your blog is a lifesaver! I am a Mexican-American who honestly is starting to learn to cook on her own. Your recipes are actual Mexican recipes opposed to Americanized versions. I stumbled upon it when I wanted to learn how to make salsa.    My in-laws are Mexican and very hard to impress when it comes to cooking. My suegra has taught me some basic cooking but I want to expand my cooking abilities since my husband's schedule tends to change around the clock. I also have a year old daughter and I don't want her to forget where her roots came from and recognize the traditions and meals of Mexico. One of these days I will invite the in-laws for dinner with your recipes.
This website has taught me more about cooking than what I would have learned on my own and I constantly go back for more ideas. The recipes here are delish and my family enjoys them as well. Don't stop doing what you're doing. They are awesome! W. Hernandez

* * * * * 

Hi Mely!
I just wanted to thank you for recording these wonderful recipes. My home town is Laredo, Texas and I grew up with most of the traditions you write about in your blog. I will share this site with friends and family, have a wonderful New Year from your newest follower.....
Sandra N.
 * * * * * 
I am so addicted to your site :) So far I have made flour tortillas, green sauce tamales, horchata, and today I am making menudo. You see, my mom passed away 2 years ago and she would make all of this amazing food, but she never left me any recipes. So, In wanting to keep her traditions and foods alive in my family and I stumbled onto your recipes....Thank you so much for sharing. And by the way I have followed your instructions step by step and you have not steered my wrong once. I also have a blog, but I have not posted anything in a long time because I am going to school full time. When I do get a chance I would like to put some of your recipes on there as long as its ok with you, of course I will give you all the credit and link everyone to your site...If you're not ok with that I totally understand I will still visit you to continue to learn your wonderful technique...My family is very grateful as well they have loved everything I have made for them...Sorry to go on and on but I really appreciate you sharing :)   Liz C.
 * * * * * 
I was so excited to find your website.  I have been looking for years for truly authentic Mexican recipes.  I grew up 9 miles from the border across from Reynosa, Mexico.  I worked in Reynosa for several years and have missed all the "real" food.  I can't eat in a so called "Mexican restaurant" because the food is so commercial.  I plan on trying every one of your recipes.  I just wanted to tell you how much you are appreciated.  It's so hard to find real Mexican recipes.  I'm planning on saving these recipes for my daughter to make sure that they are passed down.  I am afraid we are losing all the truly authentic recipes that everyone's Grandmother cooked when I was a child.
Once again thank you for making my day.  I will cherish these recipes.  They are very important to me.
Thank you,
Lisa M.
* * * * * 
Hi Mely,
I am new to your blog which I found while looking for an empanada recipe but not just any empanada recipe.  It had to be just like my grandmother's.  I am so happy to have found it!  I reviewed several recipes but yours is just like or very close to the one my grandmother used to make her wonderful Empanadas de Calabaza.  I was not able to recall all the ingredients but thanks to you I can now duplicate my abuelita's.
I will be visiting your blog again and again.
God Bless!
 * * * * *
Hi Mely,
Just wanted to let you know that I have been subscribed to the blog for about a year now. I have never really written comments about your recipes because I finally figured out how.  Well, I just wanted to let you know that I love your recipes. Continue you have no idea how it helps some of us!
Que Dios te Bendiga hoy y siempre,
 De Corazon,
Carmen L.
* * * * * 
Te felicito! Un tremendo éxito! Yo también cocino mucha comida Mexicana de recetas, como los acuerdo, de mi santa Madre Mexicana, mis abuelitas y la única Tía que sigue cocinando en México.  Pero cocino de memoria, y sin otros Mexicanos, pues estoy aqui en New York  Y, muchos de los libros de recetas que consulto realmente no capturan lo que es cocinar nuestra comida.  Tu lo has hecho, simplemente, claramente y con las historias tan entretenidas al principio de cada uno. He puesto tu Blog en mi Toolbar para por lo menos conseguir tus recetas rapidamente y descansar leyendolas aun  cuando no me alcanza tiempo para cocinar.  De todos modos, hay me quedo bien entretenida y recordando  mis propias memorias de las gran mujeres quien a mi me enseñaron cocinar;) Gracias por todo el gusto! Sigue luchando e escribiendo de nuestra comida y cultura Mexicana! Que Dios te bendiga, Mely!
Cynthia L.
* * * * * 
Hi Mely,
I found your blog by mistake and I am so glad I did, it is wonderful to see your passion for food and to share these recipes with us. I found myself teary eyed as I was reading your profile, how you described your desired to pass along to your son your recipes. I realized that I can still pass along my recipes, that I might not have daughters but my boys can take that knowledge and hopeful use it "with the daughter in laws" I actually see a glimpse of hope in my little one who is always eager to help around the kitchen. So we have started to write our recipes down in hopes that they will not be forgotten.
Thank you for the inspiration and many blessing to you and your love ones during this Christmas season.
T. Galvez
* * * * *
Thank you for the recipes… all the foods I love I am learning to make myself!!
* * * * * 
I am an American born of Panamanian and Jamaican ancestry who (in my past life ) fell in love with a Mexican man who was EXCELLENT in the kitchen. I'm so happy I found your blog. I am now cooking authentically from scratch -no matter the time it takes. I look forward to making your corn tortillas from scratch -minus the metate but, I use a molcajete regularly. When we relocate to Jamaica, I pray that I will "knock their socks off" with my authentic Mexican dishes. Felicia C.
* * * * *
__I absolutely love your website! I love to cook & although I am mostly Hungarian, my husband & I love food from different cultures & we especially love Mexican food. I make a few Mexican dishes & we really enjoy them. I am always looking for good recipes on the internet.
I stumbled across your website last night & couldn't believe all the wonderful, authentic recipes as well as the incredible photos!  Thank you. Tom B.
* * * * * 
Julie B.
The enchiladas were excellent. Thanks for the recipe.
* * * * *
hi Mely,
first of all, thank you for your blog ! it is beyond appreciated and I love that I can recreate dishes that remind me so much of my grandmothers authentic cooking. it reminds me of being a little girl in San Francisco, visiting with my grandmother who barely spoke English.. yet we were able to connect and bond through food. your recipes have brought back wonderful childhood memories that I had forgotten. some people truly have a knack for cooking, and you are one of them. so, thank you once again.  A. Rivera.
* * * * *

I LOVE for your food blog!
I just wanted to let you know that a webpage is broken: Steak Tacos "Street food"
I am desperate to see your recipe for one of my favorite foods! L Dominguez
* * * * * 
Hi Mely,
I love ALL of your recipes they are so delicious and you explain the steps so well that ANYONE can cook Mexican food!! I found your blog looking for your recipe for tamales and was flabbergasted on how well it turned out! Ever since I have cooked about five things of your blog in ONE WEEK! I guess you can say I'm in love...with your food of course
Thank you so much! C. Rosas
* * * * * 
I am sorry I cannot comment on your blog, but it requires an ID I do not have :((( However, I wanted to tell you, I just love your recipes!  You are my Mexican cooking mentor.  Thank you so much.  Christina
* * * * * 
I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I found your blog and I love it!!!! I am so happy I finally found a Mexican food blog that actually produces authentic Mexican dishes! Great job! L. Chavez
* * * * *
Hola Mely,  soy Mexicano y quiero felicitarte por tu pagina, dentro de mi experiencia tienes recetas 100% mexicanas y es algo ironico no encontrar tan a menudo  recetas tan originales en español.
 Felicidades y sigue asi que los mexicanos en el extranjero te lo agradecemos mucho.
* * * * * 
First of all I LOVE your page! My husband is Mexican and I am not (I'm Italian) so having your step by step recipes with pictures helps me SO much when he is craving some authentic home made Mexican food!
Jessica G.
* * * * * 
I love your site! I'm living with this wonderful Mexican man and I'm learning how to cook for him. He loved the carnitas I made this weekend. He loves seafood but there aren't any recipes on your site. Could you please add a couple por favor?
D. Smith
* * * * * 
I love your recipes.  I married a man from Mexico, and I try to make his favorite foods and your site has helped me out tremendously.  There is one thing I have not seen posted and honestly I am not sure if it has another name. I love to cook when I have time and this would make his day.  Thanks again for all your posts.
Rita. Z.
* * * * * 
Hi, i found your site and love it .
Hobet. A.

* * * * * 
Hi,   I just found your, and might I say it is fantastic!!  I LOVE the recipes as I love cooking authentic mexican foods.  I was wondering if you have the recipe for the cookie that Mexican bakeries make, the big pink ones and I have seen them as a triangle with white, pink and chocolate.  I have searched the web and tried a few that resembled them, but they were not the same as the bakeries.  Hopefully you are still posting on your website. Thanks so much for your time and website!!
Vicky. C.

* * * * * 
Thanks so very much these sound like the exact same cookies I have been trying to hunt down :)

* * * * * 
 I love your website. It has helped me with dinners at home. My husband loves the recipes. I was hoping you would have a good recipe for ceviche with camarones.
 Please help,
 Elissa A.

* * * * *   
Hola,  I was up late tonight looking for recipes on the Internet for  pork chile verde, and happen to come across your site. I am so so happy that I found it!!! I have read a lot of your recipes and they seem very authentic and delicious! In fact I am going to try your taqueria style sala tomorrow!
Mary T.
* * * * *
Hi Mely,
I want to thank you for all the great Mexican recipes you have in your website, I love the authenticity of everything you make.
I started with the Mexican rice which I have now mastered but continue to try your other recipes as well.
 However, I was wondering why you don't have any recipes for desserts?..... Like some FLAN.I would love for you to send me a recipe for a good flan.
 I look forward to it, thank you in advance for your time.
Louise. M.
* * * * *
Hey Mely!
I'm a young chef, and I'm entirely new to Mexican cooking. I'm using your site (which I greatly appreciate) for recipe ideas, flavor concepts, and techniques. I'm excited, because for the 4th of July, I'm making a bunch of food, and I'm using a few of your traditional recipes. So, first of all, thank you so much for the site; I've had no end of fun studying this, and now I can't wait until I get a few days off work next week to make the food!
Aaron    W.
* * * * *
I love chile rellenos!!! Do u have a good n easy recipe for them. I would greatly appreciate it. I love your site!! I cook pozole now all the time for special occasions! Thanks again!!!
* * * * *
 __ Thanks! For sharing your recipes with the world!
 __ Came across your awesome site while looking up how to cook my cactus! I'd love to see your version of chilli rellenos!?  Awesome recipes,thx a bunch!   Sasha
 * * * * *
__ I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this site.  My husband is Mexican and we have been together for 5 years.  I moved from Ohio to California to be with him and I got to taste homemade food from His mother. and the restuarunts in California are so much better than the ones n Ohio.  We recently moved to Ohio because of the cost of living and Teofilo has missed the food from Home.  I found your website and I have started making your recipes.  I am so happy that I can do this for him.  and youve made it possible. thank you
* * * * *
__I went to an International grocery store today where a lady was cleaning cactus pads.  I was inspired to try to make cactus salad.  Since I have never cooked fresh cactus before, I asked the lady how she cooked it.  I was going to use her method, but decided I need a little more research.  I looked at several web pages.  When I got to yours, I was so excited and impressed.  I will continue to use Mexico in My Kitchen for many more recipes and techniques.
 It feels as though a family friend is helping me learn more about Mexican cuisine.
 Patricia F.
 * * * * *
__I absolutely love your Blog. I  grew up in Mexico (Chilango) and have been abroad for way too many years.  I do miss the authentic flavor of mexican food, especially now that I live outside to the American Continent. Love looking at your recipes and following as best I can to prepare something delicious for friends and family. 
 Thank you for your effort in sharing your delicious recipes.
Roberto G.
* * * * * 
__I must start off by telling you I love just love your site. My boyfriends family is from Mexico and mine is from el paso so our recipes are a little different. But I found your website and it has almost everything she cooks and taste just like hers! But I did want to know if you had a recipe for flour tortillas :)
Thanks so much,
Lisa Marie
* * * * * 
___ Hola ,   Antes que nada quiero darte las gracias por el maravilloso blog que tienes.  Me ha ayudado muchísimo para aprender a cocinar y sobre todo practicar platillos mexicanos tan deliciosos, pues la forma en la que presentas las recetas con las imágenes y explicaciones te motivan a intentar cualquier platillo sin importar la dificultad. Soy tu fan #1 y te felicito por el gran compromiso y dedicación que has siempre mostrado a tus seguidoras.  Ana Laura L.
* * * * * 
 ___In my search for a recipe for sweet corn cake, I stumbled upon your web site
i can hardly wait to jump into some of your recipes. Lois L.
* * * * * 
 Thanks so much, my father in law passed 2 years ago and I havent had it since. He would make it just for me :)
 Many thanks!  Lilly
* * * * *
___Hola! Que tal.
Antes que nada debo decir que me encanto su blog desde que entre por primera vez me impacte de ver que sus recetas son de la verdadera y autentica Comida Mexicana
Shannon M.
* * * * *
 ___Let me start by saying I love your blog I have used many of the recipes and met with great results. Do you happen to have a recipe for Al Pastor?
Thank you very much,  Sean
* * * * *
___Hi -
Hope all is well.  I've used your stove top recipe several times and my family loves them.
* * * * * 
___Your recipe helped me understand the basic technique to make carnitas.  I made them tonight for the first time and they were great.  I shredded mine as I cooked them and only used pork butt.  My kids really liked them. Thank you, Glen

* * * * * 

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