Traditional home-style meals from Mexico.  Mexican food recipes presented in an easy, step-by-step process so that you can cook an authentic Mexican meal in your own kitchen; each post also adds a little background about the history of the recipe and the region of the country where it originated. 

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Mole Sauce Casserole With Chicken


Braised Short Ribs in Tomatillo Sauce / Costillas o Agujas de Res en Salsa de Tomatillo
Beef and Vegetable Soup / Caldo de Res, Cocido o Puchero
Beef Tips Mexican Style / Puntas de Filete
Tripe Soup / Menudo - Mondongo
Beef Milanesa / Milanesa de Res
Grilled Steak Recipe / Carne Asada
Beef and Potato Stew / Carne con Papas
Beef Tostadas Recipe / Tostadas de Carne Deshebrada
Meatball Soup / Sopa de Albóndigas (Jalisco Style)
Dry Meat with Eggs / Machacado con Huevo
Chipotle Sauce Meatballs / Albóndigas en Chipotle
Steak Quesadilla / Quesadilla con Carne
Steak Sandwich / Torta de Bistec
Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Picadillo / Chiles Rellenos de Picadillo
Meat in its own juices / Carne en su jugo
Beef Tongue in Tomato Sauce / Lengua Entomatada
Mexican Beef Kebabs / Brochetas o Alambres
Shredded Beef Mexican Salad / Salpicón de Res
Mexican Steak Tartare / Carne Tártara
Mexican Meatloaf / Pastel de Carne
Classic Meatball Soup/Receta Clásica de Albóndigas
Shredded Beef "Old Clothes" Mexican Style
Beef stew Nuevo Leon Style "Cortadillo Norteño"
Nopales with Ground Beef in Piquín Sauce
Steaks and potatoes in Pasilla Sauce / Bisteces con Papas en Pasilla 
Beef Cheek Barbacoa 
Easy Picadillo / Ground Beef and Potatoes 
Tostadas de Pata, as in Cow's feet tostadas! 
Steak and Onions / Bistec Encebollado 
Mexican Shredded Beef for Tacos 
Discada Norteña, beef stew with ham, chorizo & pork.
Mexican Beef Stew


Lamb Barbacoa / Barbacoa de Borrego


Pork Carnitas Drowned Sandwich Jalisco Style / Torta Ahogada
Pork Rind Skins / Chicharrones
Pork Carnitas / Carnitas de Puerco
Pork Pibil Style / Cerdo Estilo Pibil
Pork Rind Skins in Green Sauce / Chicharrones en Salsa Verde
Pork Tinga Puebla Style / Tinga Poblana
Roast Pork Leg / Pierna de Cerdo al Horno
Pork Stew Nuevo León Style / Asado de Puerco
Pork In Pipian Sauce / Carne de Puerco en Pipián
Roasted Pork Leg in Adobo Sauce / Pierna Adobada
Pork in Chile Verde / Puerco Entomatado
Chile Colorado: Pork in Easy Guajillo Sauce
Shredded Pork in Adobo / Chilorio Estilo Sinaloa
Pork Chops with Purslane in Tomatillo Sauce / Chuletas en Salsa de Tomatillo
Pork with Zucchini and Corn / Calabacitas con Puerco y Elote
Pork in Peanut Sauce / Puerco Encacahuatado
Meatball Soup / Sopa de Albóndigas
Huaxmole or Guaxmole: a Sauce made with Guaje Seeds
Red Pork Hominy Soup / Pozole Rojo
Green Pork or Chicken Hominy Soup / Pozole Verde Estilo Guerrero
Green Mole / Mole Verde
Eggs Motul Style (with Ham) / Huevos Motuleños
Quesadillas or Sincronizadas (with Ham)
Cheese and Pork Chorizo Turnovers / Volovanes de Chori-Queso
Smoked Pork Chops in Chipotle Sauce
Chilorio Sinaloa Style / Receta de Chilorio de Sinaloa
Easy Roasted Pork Leg Yucatan Style
Three Pepper Pork Stew / Cerdo en Salsa a los Trees Chiles (NEW)
Pipian Rojo with Pork (NEW!)
Pork Carnitas en Guajillo Sauce Tacos
How to make Pressed Pork / Como Hacer chicharrón prensado
Pork Loin in Prunes Suace / Lomo de Cerdo con Ciruela pasas
Easy Pork, tomatoes & beer stew

Mexican Food Recipes


Christmas Boneless Stuffed Turkey / Pavo Navideño Deshuesado y Relleno
Pibil Chicken Yucatán Style / Pollo Pibil
Roasted Chicken Thighs / Muslos de Pollo Adobados
Chicken Tinga / Tinga de Pollo
Mole Chicken Casserole / Pastel Azteca de Mole
Mexican Chicken Salad / Ensalada de Pollo
Vermicelli Soup with Chicken and Vegetables / Sopa de Fideos
Green Chilaquiles with Chicken / Chilaquiles Verdes con Pollo
Red Chilaquiles / Chilaquiles Rojos 
Corn Dough Empanadas with Shredded Chicken / Empanadas de Pollo
Green Pork or Chicken Hominy Soup / Pozole Verde Estilo Guerrero
Chicken in Mole Poblano: a very rich sauce  / Pollo en Mole Poblano
Chicken Stew Veracruz Style / Pollo a la Veracruzana
Chipotle Chilaquiles with Turkey
Easy Mole Sauce with chicken / Molito Sencillo
Quick Grilled Chicken Dinner / Pollo a la Plancha
Pollo Asado- Charcoal Chicken 
Braised Chicken with Tomatos / Pollo entomatado 
Tostadas de la Siberia 
Roasted Chicken / Pollo al Horno

Mexican Food Recipes


Mexican Ceviche
Fish Fillets in Parsley Sauce / Filetes de Pescado en Salsa de Perejil
Easy Fish Fillets with Mexican Sauce / Filetes de Pescado Fáciles
Seafood Stuffed Fish Fillets / Filetes de Pescado Rellenos
Veracruz Style Red Snapper / Huachinango a la Veracruzana
Shrimp in Chipotle Sauce / Camarones en Salsa de Chipotle
Crab Salpicon Tostadas / Tostadas de Salpicón de Jaiba
Shrimp Cocktail / Coctel de Camarón
Smoked Oyster Dip / Dip de Ostión Ahumado
Mexican Style Salted Cod / Bacalao Mexicano a la Vizcaína
Canned Tuna Mexican Style / Atún a la Mexicana
Chipotle Tuna Sandwich / Sandwich de Atún con Chipotle
Tilapia Fillets Veracruz Style
Shrimp Mexican Style or Ranchero Style 
Dried Shrimp Patties with Nopales in Tomato Sauce 
Fish Fillets in Al Mojo de Ajo- Garlic Sauce 
Canned Tuna Ceviche Tostadas (NEW!)
Easy Fish Fillets Dinner (NEW!)
Ceviche Verde (NEW!)
Tiritas de pescado Zihuatanejo Style (NEW!)
Crab Empanadas (NEW!)
Shrimp - Mango Aguachile 
Tequila Shrimp / Camarones al Tequila



Pasta with Creamy Poblano Sauce / Pasta con Salsa de Chile Poblano
Pasta with Chorizo in Tomato Sauce / Pasta con Chorizo en Salsa de Tomate
Spaghetti with Ground Beef & Cotija Cheese / Spaghetti con Carne Molida de Res
Creamy Spaghetti / Spaghetti a la Crema
Dried Noodle Soup / Sopa Seca de Fideos
Mexican Mac & Cheese


Molletes: an Easy Snack
Traditional Mexican Ham Sandwich / Torta de Jamón
Melted Cheese with Chorizo / Queso Fundido con Chorizo
Quesadillas or Sincronizadas
Tampico Style Sandwich / Torta de la Barda
Candied Peanuts / Cacahuates Garapiñados
Spicy Peanuts / Cacahuates Enchilados
Sausages Sandwich / Torta de Salchichas
Party Appetizers Buffet ideas
Quick Pork Crackling Appetizer (NEW!)
Dirty Beans Dip / Frijoles Puercos (NEW)
Mexican Nachos Recipe (NEW!)
Creamy Chipotle Dip
Pambazos, Chorizo Potatoes Sandwich

Mexican Food recipes


Taco Party Recipes / Recetas para una Taquiza
Steak Tacos: A Street Food / Tacos de Bistec
Beef Tongue Barbacoa Tacos / Tacos de Lengua
Morning Slapping Tacos / Tacos Mañaneros o Cachetadas
Pork Tacos / Tacos al Pastor
Tripe Tacos / Tacos de Tripitas
Beef Tacos / Tacos de Suadero
Crispy Rolled Tacos with Beef  / Flautas
Mexican Shredded Beef Tacos / Tacos de Carne Deshebrada
Chorizo Tacos
Crispy Potato Tacos /Tacos de Papa
Tacos Tlaquepaque 
Beef Cheek Barbacoa Tacos 
Tacos de Alambre; Beef, bacon, peppers and cheese 
Pork Carnitas in Guajillo Tacos / Tacos de Chicharrón prensado guisado 

Mexican Food Recipes


Tamales Huastecos in Banana Leaves / Tamales Huastecos en Hoja de Plátano
Tamales with Chicken in Green Sauce / Tamales de Pollo en Salsa Verde
Chicken and Vegetables Tamales / Tamales de Pollo con Verduras
Tamales Stuffed with Roasted Poblano Peppers and Cheese / Tamales de Rajas y Queso
Zacahuil: a BIG Tamale! / Zacahuil: un Tamal... ¡Gigante!
Sweet Corn Tamales / Tamales de Elote
Sweet Tamales / Tamales Dulces
Healthy Low-Fat Tamales
Black Beans and Pork Crackling Tamales /Tamales de Frijol con Chicharrón  (NEW!)
Mexican Food Recipes


Mexican Style Corn and Zucchini
Cactus Paddles (Nopales) Salad
Mushrooms and Oaxaca Cheese Quesadillas
Roasted Poblano Pepper Strips with Cream
Cactus Salad with Pomegranate Seeds
Grilled Cactus / Nopales Asados
Squash Blossoms Quesadillas / Quesadillas de Flor de Calabaza
Creamy Corn Cups: a Street Food / Esquites
Christmas Eve Salad / Ensalada Nochebuena de Betabel
Cheese Stuffed Zucchini
Quick Cheese Appetizer in Green Chile
Potato Patties with Cheese / Tortitas de Papa con Queso
Corn on the Cob
Cactus Salad and Xoconostle Dessert
Scrambled Eggs with Chaya
Pickled Habaneros with Vegetables
Corn Tortillas Dipped in Bean Sauce / Enfrijoladas
Picadas Veracruz Style
Mushroom and Oaxacan Cheese Quesadillas
Stuffed Poblanos with Walnut Sauce / Chiles en Nogada
Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Picadillo / Chiles Rellenos de Picadillo
Nopales with Chorizo
Nopales with Eggs
Vermicelli Soup (Fideos) with Chicken and Vegetables
Guacamole - 4 Recipes
Fresh Mexican Cheese in Tomato Sauce
Huauzontle Patties/Tortitas de Huauzontles
8 Recipes Using Sweet Corn
Spicy New Potatoes/Papitas Picantes
Mexican Vegetable Soup
Christmas Apple Salad
Sweet Plantain Puree
Jicama and citrus Salad, Yucatan Style  (NEW!)
Sautéed Mushroom, deliciously easy!  (NEW!)
Nopales Mexican Style (NEW!)
Easy Chayote Salad (NEW!)
Lentil Soup with Chorizo

Meatball Soup (Jalisco Style)
Tripe Soup / Menudo
Beef and Vegetables Soup / Caldo de Res, Cocido o Puchero
Spicy Chorizo and Lentil Soup
Vermicelli Soup (Fideos) with Chicken and Vegetables
Charro Bean Soup / Frijoles Charros
Tortilla Soup / Sopa de Tortilla
Swiss Chard, Potato and Cheese Soup / Sopa de Acelgas
Chicken Soup / Caldo de Pollo
Summer Vegetables Soup / Sopa de Milpa
Sweet Corn Cream Soup
Mushroom Soup / Sopa de Hongos
Mexican Noodle Soup / Sopa de Fideos
Fava Bean Soup / Sopa de Habas
Red Pozole (Pork Hominy Soup) / Pozole Rojo
Green Pozole (Pork or Chicken Hominy Soup) Guerrero Style
Mexican Vegetable Soup
Balck Bean soup with Masa Balls
Classic Meatball Soup/Sopa de Albóndigas Clásica
White Menudo / Menudo Blanco
Mole de Olla
Wheels Pasta Soup / Sopa de rueditas 
Zucchini and Corn Soup 
Black Bean Soup / Crema de Frijol
Fava Bean Cream Soup / Sopa de Habas
Cream of Zucchini / Crema de Calabacitas
Shrimp Soup / Caldo de Camarón
Nopales & eggs soup / Nopalitos navegantes

Scrambled Eggs in Salsa
Eggs Motul Style/Huevos Motuleños
Scrambled Eggs with Cactus (Nopales)
Scrambled Eggs with Chaya
Scrambled Eggs with Beans Veracruz Style
Mexican Style Scrambled Eggs

How to Cook Nopales

Traditional Mexican Cooking Utensils, Part I
Traditional Mexican Cooking Utensils, Part II
Easy Steak Seasoning / Recaudo para Bisteces
Uses for Honey, Cinnamon, Lime Juice Tea, and Nut Spread
Collection of Christmas Dishes / Colección de Platillos Navideños
How to make Atole: A Sweet Corn Drink
How to make Refried Beans
How to make Fried Creamy Pinto Beans
How to make Fresh Cheese
How to make Corn Tortillas
How to make Corn Dough / Masa
How to make Blue Corn Dough / Masa Azul
How to make Chorizo
How to make Fresh Corn Dough Quesadillas
How to make tomato base sauce for stew - Recaudo
How to make Mexican Rice
How to make Mexican Style White Rice
How to make Tamales using masa harina for tortillas
How to make Flour Tortillas
How to make Mexican French Style Crusty Rolls / Bolillos
How to make Sopes / Sopes 
How to make Gorditas
How to make Tlacoyos / Cómo Hacer Tlacoyos
How to make Red Chilaquiles
How to make Picadas Veracruz Style or Sopes
How to make Guacamole: 4 Recipes
How to cook Nopales
How to cook Beans Mexican Style
How to roast a Banana for a Healthy Breakfast
15 Recipes using Poblano Peppers
Easy Red Rice Recipe (NEW!)
Black beans & rice / Moros con Cristianos
Creamy Habanero Guacamole
Bocoles, corn masa cakes
Tortilla Chips / Totopos

Mexican Food recipes


Roasted Tomatillo and Árbol Pepper Sauce
Fresh Avocado and Tomatillo Sauce
Pico de Gallo Salsa
Spicy Serrano Peppers Sauce
Roasted Tomatoes Sauce
Salsa Verde
Basic Homemade Salsa
Very Spicy Sauces called Salsa Macha
Pickled Habanero Peppers
Fresh Pickled Manzano Peppers
Taquería Style Salsa / Salsa Taquera
Homemade Pickled Jalapeño Peppers
Hot Piquin Pepper Powder
Habanero Sauce
Raw Serrano Pepper Salsa
Xni-pec Habanero Salsa
Drunken Salsa / Salsa Borracha
Pickled Red Onions
Salsa Molcajeteada with Bird Peppers
Raw Spicy Tomatillo Salsa with cheese
Spicy Pickled Carrots - Easy
Super Spicy Salsa with Puya and Árbol Peppers
Quick and Easy Mango Salsa
Creamy Habanero Salsa
Dried Pepper Sauce (multi-purpose)
Chocolate Habanero Sauce
Pickled Bird Peppers / Chiles de Chiltepín en Escabeche
Cherry Tomatoes Salsa
Traditional Salsa in Molcajete / Salsa Molcajeteada
Basic Tomato sauce for stews or soups
Red Taquería Style Salsa
Chile Morita Salsa in oil 
Fried Serrano Salsa / Salsa frita de Chile Serrano 
Habanero-Tomatillo Salsa
Cherry Tomatoes Raw Salsa
Roasted Red Jalapeños Salsa
Homemade Red Hot Sauce (Bottled)
Piquin Pepper Salsa
Restaurant Style Red Salsa 
Flan Napolitano, really easy to make!

Bread of the Dead / Pan de Muerto
Three Kings Bread / Rosca de Reyes
Pumpkin Turnovers / Empanadas de Calabaza
Sweet Corn Cake Recipe / Receta de Pan de Elote
Strawberry Roll Cake / Rollo de Fresa
Mango Pie - Ciudad Mante Style / Pay de Mango Estilo Cd. Mante
Mango Pie with Cream Cheese / Pay de Mango con Queso Crema
Cinnamon Rolls / Roles de Canela
Xoconostles in Syrup
Capirotada: a Mexican Lent Dessert
A Bread Called "Stones" / Pan para Café Llamado Piedras
Easy Flan / Flan Napolitano Fácil
Mexican Bread of the Dead / Pan de Muerto
Little Piggy Cookies / Marranitos de Piloncillo
Mexican Wedding Cookies / Polvorones de Boda
Rice Pudding / Arroz con Leche
Fruit Gazpacho / Gazpacho de Frutas
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potato and Coconut Dessert Yucatan Style
Tres Leches Cake
Polvorones - Mexican Crumble Cookie Bread
Roasted Plantain Banana
Fried Plantains / Plátanos Fritos
Sample Mexican Dessert Table
Candied Pumpkin / Calabaza en Tacha
Sweet Griddle Cookies / Gorditas Dulces de Harina
Mantecadas / Mexican Muffins
Strawberries and Cream / Fresas con Crema
Fruit Cocktail / Biónicos
Cassava Fritters / Buñuelos de Yuca
Mexican Bread Puddin / Budín de Pan
Messy Piloncillo Cookies / Chorreadas
Guavas Compote / Guayabas en Almíbar
Hojarascas, crunchy and crumbling cookies  
Carlota de Limón-Lime Charlotte 
4-Ingredients Corn Bread 
Easy Avocado Ice Cream / Nieve de Aguacate 
Mango Champola, an easy frozen treat 
Sweet Molletes
Chocolate pie & Milk Pie two recipes
Champurrado @ Mexico in my Kitchen

Aguas Frescas: Horchata, Jamaica & Tamarind
Aguas Frescas II: Watermelon, Pineapple and Cantaloupe
Atoles: Sweet Corn Atole & Masa Harina Atole
Basic White Atole
Tamarind Atole / Atole de Tamarindo
Champurrado: a Hot Thick Chocolate Drink
Café de Olla
Cocktails Using Tequila
Nopal Cactus Juice / Licuado de Nopales
Tepache: Pineapple Homemade Brew
Christmas Punch / Ponche Navideño
Mexican Hot Chocolate and Homemade Chocolate Mix
Prickly Pear Drink / Agua de Tuna
Basic Michelada
Guava Atole / Atole de Guayaba
Margarita Cocktail / Margarita
Mexican Eggnog / Rompope
Agua Fresca with Pineapple, Orange & Chaya
Pink Banana Agua Fresca
Papaya Drink / Agua de Papaya
White Moscato Peach Sangria
Blackberry Atole / Atole de Zarzamora
Sparkling Limeade and Orangeade
Quick & Easy Banana Smoothie / Licuado de Plátano
Cucumber-Lime Agua Fresca 
Peanut Torito, with Aguardiente
Orange Atole
Pineapple Atole

Mexican Food Recipes


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    2. is there any book out there with all of your recipes i could purchase would love to have them all in my home!

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    6. You can find the recipe for champurrado following this link:

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  3. Hello. I am half Mexican. My mother side of the family is from Zacatecas. Growing up I never really got into the kitchen to learn any of our family recipes. I am now wishing that I could have learned to carry on those traditions from past generations. I live far away from my aunts and grandmother. Whenever I call to get a recipe and try to make it, it never turns out so great. I am excited to start making something from your website. The pictures really help too. I can't wait to tell my grandmother what I have learned and how great it came out! Excited to cook!

    1. Hello,

      So good for you to try to recreate the meals of your childhood. I hope you find inspiration to create wonderful meals with these recipes.


  4. Lots of Love from Canada!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Trying to find the nopales soup

  7. Hell Mely. Just wish to say that I absolutely just admire you and your wonderful Blog!! It has taught me so very much and your illustrations and directions are so easy to follow. Thank you so very much.

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  10. Your Site is Great !!!

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    Since I am strict vegetarian and don't consume onion and garlic too, I need your advise on how can I alter these recipes to suit my requirement.

    Please HELP ME....

    1. Hello Geeta,
      The base of many recipes for cuisines like Italian, French and Mexican, just ot mention a few, starts with garlic and onion. You can try the recipes without them but the taste, aroma and end result won't be the same. And for vegetarian options, please check the recipe section under vegetarian/vegetables there are many options. Many of the main dishes using pork, beef or chicken can be done using tofu, mushrooms and even paneer.

      Regards and happy cooking!

  11. Mely, love your recipes! Please do one for birria:)

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      Thank you for your kind comment. I will be posting the birria recipe this fall.

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  12. Hi mely! I love your recipies! I'm not Mexican and never knew anything about Mexican cooking (just that I love to eat it) I love making the rice and my family loves it too! I married into a Mexican family and just wanted to thank you for not letting me look completely clueless in front of my mother in law haha. Thanks Mely you are awesome 😊

    1. Hi!
      Glad to hear the recipes are working for you! Happy cooking!

  13. Mely.... Hay un restaurante en Puerto Vallarta, se llama La Cevicheria y hacen los mejores chicharrones de pescado que yo he probado, delgaditos, crujientes y muy bien sazonados......... No tendras tu una receta de algo similar?......Gracias d antemano....Jaime

    1. Hola Jaime,

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  14. Hi Mely, this is just the website I was looking for, authentic mexican food! I am so excited to try some of your recipes. Wish me luck!

  15. I am looking for a recipe to sort of jog my memory. It was basically a soup with chicken legs and canned chipotles w/adobo sauce. When eating it we put in a bowl, squeezed lemon/lime juice and ate with corn tortillas. Very easy and not a lot of ingredients but I do know it was more than what I just listed. Any ideas??

    1. Hello,

      Chicken feet or legs render a very flavorful broth. We usually add onion, garlic, carrots, sometimes potatoes, and herbs like cilantro or parsley. But, every household has it own personal version. Please check the recipe for Chicken soup to get an idea. The recipe is a little more elaborate but it can help you with the basics.

      Happy cooking!

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  17. Hi Mely! Love looking and cooking your recipes! Was wondering if you have a pan de polvo recipe :)

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    1. Hello,

      It is the second recipe on the dessert section. Look for buñuelos!

  19. Mexican food of ANY kind is my favorite.....the Spanish language is a second language for me. I am so happy you shared all these recipe. I intend to try every one of these....they have to be good. Thanks for giveing such an awsome selection....can't wait!

  20. Love the whole website, especially the photos and format,and how everything is made the real way from scratch. Although not Mexican myself, I love the Mexican culture (I envy how Catholic it is) and the food is wonderful. It is rather hard to buy some of the ingredients locally, though, and my mother and younger sister (the other cooks in our household) do not share my enthusiasm for cooking Mexican food. Marie

  21. WOW! I'm so very glad I found your site! I grew up mostly in New Mexico, but I have lived in New England for almost thirty years. The only problem with New England is the lack of good Mexican food. Up here what passes for "Mexican" is rarely even Tex-Mex or similar. Now that my life has some more time, I've begun cooking for friends and family. Unfortunately, until now I've had trouble finding decent and authentic recipes for some of my favorites. Thank you so much for putting this site together. I can't wait to try some of your recipes with my friends!

  22. I am marrying a Hispanic so needless to say, I am trying to learn how to cook some things like his mother use to as all I know how to cook is southern foods like chicken fried steak, porkchops, meatloaf and such. Thank you so much for your help! Very easy to follow directions. My fiance is a very simple man when it comes to food as long as it has meat. Lots of meat! He doesnt like casseroles so that leaves ALOT of options out. I have tried a few things he has try to tell me but I was wondering, what is your take on Arroz Con Pollo? He tried to tell me how his mom use to do it but I think I'm missing something...Thank you!

    1. Hello LoveDove, Sorry for the late reply, somehow I missed this comment. Every cook adds their personal touch to their cooking and maybe your mother in-law added a unique ingredient or spice that your husband doesn't know the name for it. That could be, I'm just guessing. :) When cooking arroz con pollo, I usually slightly fried the chicken first, then set the chicken pieces aside, and in the same casserole, fry the rice and proceed to cook as I usually cook rice, but this time adding the chicken with the tomato broth. I also add carrots, celery and peas to my arroz con pollo.

  23. We have been to the ixtapa zihua area and love the grilled chicken we got there is there any chance you have a recipe for it.

    1. Hello,
      Please try the spice mix on this recipe: it works great for pollo asado.

      Happy cooking!

  24. Hi Mely,

    Love your recipes! Do you have one for Tortas de carmarron? My mom used to make these during Cuaresma with nopalitos in a red sauce. They were delicious!

    1. Hello,

      I hope to publish my recipe before the lent season finish.

  25. I'm looking for a good carne guisada recipe to make for my husband. Also at our local meat market they sell a chicken that looks be stewed in jalapeno and spices, and a either pork or beef with a verde sauce, would love to have the recipe if you have these. Thank you

    1. Hello Dana,

      Those recipe are here on the list, just take some time to check the names. Here a link to carne guisada with potatoes.

      Happy cooking!

  26. I was hoping to try the cinnamon rolls recipe and was disappointed when I clicked the link and no recipe appeared. Could you please repost the recipe or direct me to where I could find it?
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    1. Hello Andra,
      Thank you for letting me know about the broken link to the cinnamon rolls. I already fixed and you can fin the recipe here:

      Again thank you, and happy baking!

  27. Im so happy when i found this website. It's helpful, im Vietnamese and my husband is Mexican from Apatzingán. He was surprised when i know how to cook Posole Rojo ^^

  28. Mely,
    Love your site! I am married to a man from D.F. and it is nice to find recipes from there. It is also nice to find recipes that don't have cilantro in them! I am very allergic. We have been to the City and I eat like crazy when I am there. I have read your recipes and they are just like my motyher in-law used to make. It is great to reference recipes wherwhern I don't exactly remember how to make something. Your awesome andfandf I look forward to when you publish your book!
    Thank you Holly

  29. Mely,
    I absolutely love your website. Thank you for sharing! Which one is the recipe for the dish on the fourth picture on this page (above)? The one that looks almost like enchilada but more saucy. When you have a chance, please post your answer since I am very tempted to try the recipe. For sure, I'll keep coming back to your website. Again, thanks!

    1. Hello,

      The recipe is Beef Cheek tacos, but in the recipe I also give other options for cuts of meat. Here the link:

    2. Mely,
      Thank you for your response and for providing the link to the barbacoa recipe.I am so glad to have found your website. I am a big fan. Thank you !

  30. Mely, I used to eat at a Mely's Mexican Restaurant in Pearland, TX and always got Enchiladas Gratinadas, chicken Enchiladas floating in wonderful green sauce. They are closed now, I live 250 miles away anyway. I've tried making a green sauce but haven't hit it yet. Do you know how to make this delightful green sauce? Are you related to that restaurant?

    1. Hello,

      Every cook adds his own personal touch to the salsa. There is a recipe here on the blog for "enchiladas suizas". I hope you try them. And about the restaurant in Pearland, TX., I'm not familiar with it. :) But it is nice to know there are other people with the same name sharing the Mexican cuisine. Happy cooking!

  31. So excited to have found this website, thank you for sharing! Can't wait to use your recipes, I am sure my family and I will enjoy. God bless you!

  32. Hola, yo quiero hago receta por mi clase de español y me gusta todos en tu blog. Yo puedo cocinar por qué estoy muy talentosa. -gracias

  33. Gracias for la recetas. Es muy fácil y muy bien!

  34. Where can I buy chaya?

    1. Hello, I found it on Ebay with a lady that sells it from Houston, TX.


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