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  1. These look really good!!

    Can I make a request (actually two)? I've been searching for a good spicy Mexican vegetable soup (I'm a huge fan of the soup made at a local Mexican restaurant) and also a good cooked salsa recipe (I'm not sure what exactly to call the salsa.)


  2. Hello Aninymous,
    I will be posting a soup later this month meanwhile check the other soups in the recipe files, there are some salsas also there. Do you remember the name of the soup at your local Mexican restaurant? Could it be "Caldo de res"?
    Please let me know.

    I wish you had left your name.



  3. Sorry! my name is Giselle.

    I don't remember the name of the soup… or if it even has a name. It comes with most meals (would you like a soup or a salad with that?). But you can also order it as a meal. The soup is red/orange in color and it has cabbage and a few other vegetables in it. The broth is delicious.

    I will look forward to your soup recipe!

  4. Hi Mely,
    These empanadas look delicious! I love pumpkin and also butternut squash, what a great idea to bring this to my family's Halloween party. Your pictures are beautiful, they make me want to jump into the screen and take a bite!

  5. Mely se antojan, gracias por la receta. Yo tengo antojo de hacer la calabaza en tacha, pero las calabazas de Castilla que he visto son enormes y también hay otras de color naranja preciosas, como las de EEUU, mas chicas. Tu sabes éstas se pueden hacer en tacha? Las has probado?

    Espero que ya te sientas mejor. Descansa amiga!

    Un abrazo

  6. Hello Karen,

    I am feeling better today. Still need to go to the doctor tomorrow.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hey Dama, you can use brown sugar to make the empanadas. Instead of piloncillo. Funny girl!

    Hola Prieta, ya me diste una idea para llevar yo tambien. 🙂

    Hi Zerrin, I like the cinammon and anis better but clove goes very well with them.

  7. Hola Nora,
    Si las puedes usar para hacer claabaza en tacha solo que te recomeindo que primero pongas el piloncillo en la olla a que se derrita con una cucharada de agua y canela y despues le pones la calabaza. Las calabazas gringas son muy tiernas y se cocinan de volada.



  8. These look great. This would be nice to eat the day after Thanksgiving, before the turkey sandwiches! I usually use pie dough, but this looks healthier too. Thanks for sharing. I will have to add your blog to my list!

  9. Hello Diane,

    The total amount of the pumpkin filling was 3 cups. About 1/4 cup of filling per empanadas. You just have to let the pumpkin simmer for a little while in a small pot to reduce the amount of liquid. This is in oder to avoid any leaking of the filling.

    I hope this answer your question.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  10. Uy, se ven divinas, yo adoro las empanadas y nunca he probado la calabaza como relleno.
    Cómo me gustaría vivir en un sitio donde haya un mercado al que se pueda ir temprano en la mañana. Aquí en Miami no tenemos esa suerte.
    Creo que han abierto un Mexican Market un poco lejos, al sur, tengo planes de explorarlo este fin de semana, quizás valga la pena dar el viaje.
    Un abrazo desde Florida

  11. Mely- These are absolutely beautiful. I bet the filling was amazing.

    I am about to post some empanadas I made over the weekend. How funny is that? Great minds think alike.

  12. tengo una pregunta, si uso can pumpkin en lugar de la calabaza en cubos, me puedes explicar como seria el procedimiento de los demas ingredientes, porfavor. Por ejemplo, tengo que usasr el 1/4 de taza de agua? seria mejor usar brown sugar en lugar del piloncillo?, cuando añadiria la canela?, cuanto tiempo lo dejo todo cociendo? Porfavor alludame.

    muchas gracias,

  13. Hola Keninseb,

    No le pongas el agua solo ponlo en una ollita con el azucar (brown sugar) y la canela y si quieres en lugar de canela en raja usa canela en polvo. EL chiste es que le des el sabor y que la consistencia sea como de mermelada suave y untable.

    Espero esto te ayuda.

    Gracias por visitar.

    Saludos y que te queden muy ricas,


  14. My Grandmother made them the same way, only, she added a little apple sauce to the pumpkin mix and then cooked it slow to reduce the moaisture. It gave it a great flavor and I prefer them over regular pumpkin empanadas. She has been gone 15 years now and I haven't had them since. But I will use your recipe to make them and add the little extra my grandma used. Thanks so much, I can't wait to make them.

  15. I finally prepared these today, and they came out very good. Question, though, with the last amounts of cinnamon & optional Anis; when and to what do you add those ingredients to?

  16. Hello Freddyboyr:
    I great Idea the addition of apple sauce to the mix.

    Thanks for sharing it.



    Add with the piloncillo, thanks for letting me know. I typed that twice. :)!!!!

    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.


  17. I wonder if I can make the same dough but fill the "empanadas" with something salty like cooked chicken or ground beef/veggies ?… off course, I would not put sugar in the dough…what do you think?

    • Hello Dea do Brasil,

      You can reduce the sugar in the dough and fill with a salty filling. We like it with ham and cheese. But also a a pizza filling works great.

      Happy cooking,


  18. This is the first recipe I've found that called for anise. The empanadas we got at our local panaderia always had that distinct, sweet aroma and flavor of anise in addition to the cinnamon, ginger and maybe cloves (although I would have never known if in fact they added cloves or not). My great-grandma baked the pumpkin but this method looks just as good. I suppose camote (sweet potato or yam) works just as good. My "Ama" didn't use milk for the dough. Instead she boiled water with a stick of cinnamon and a few anise seeds. She would boil for a minute or two and turn off the heat to let it cool down but not get cold before adding it to the dough. The anise seeds went right into the dough adding a wonderful flavor to the finished pastry.

  19. Hello!
    I am so new to this. My son is leaving in 6 weeks to serve a church mission for the LDS church in Cochabamba Bolivia. He will be gone for 2 years, and is so excited! He has asked me to try some Bolivian recipes. I have been looking at a lot of them and have found a few to try. This looks fantastic! I have a question, I have found Anise extract, but no anise or anise seed. Do you know where I can find some? Does the extract achieve the same flavor? I'm excited to see your other recipes.
    Thank you!

    • Hello find anise star in our amazon store. Just click on the link on the right column. But you can also use the anise extract. 2 or 3 drops will do the trick to add the flavor and aroma. Blessings to you and your son.


  20. All I can say is thank you Jesus! My mom passed a few years ago and I was remembering her empanadas and I could never find the proper recipe to make lime hers… until now! Thanks!

  21. Just made the pumpkin empanadas they are out of this world it was what I was looking for bread like empanada I added a pinch of cinnamon in the flour I'm definitely keeping this recipe THANKS A TON!!!!!

    • Thank you Mely 🙂 I just wanted to make sure b/c I know yeast doughs are different than regular old pie doughs and wasn't sure if the yeast would affect anything if it was frozen without baking. Can you also just pop them into the oven frozen, or should they thaw out and finish the second rise?

  22. Hello Mony,

    You have to let them thaw first for the second rise, and then bake. I usually bake all at once, freeze from and to reheat them, just pop them in the hot oven. They still taste really good!

  23. Hi! My fathers side of the family is from Sonora. I remember my great grandmother making these once a year. I can't that I loved them (she wasn't that great of a cook, lol), but now I find myself craving some. I just may try these. But I now live in Puebla, do you think that Calabasas de Castilla work? Can you believe that there is no butternut squash out here? No canned pumpkin either. Sigh. Do you think "camotes" or carrots can be sued as a substitute?

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