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  1. Oh Mely! These look sooo good. I've been wanting to experiment with squash blossoms and haven't had the opportunity. I love what you did with them.

  2. OMG! I've been looking for zuccini/squash blossoms since I moved to the US 4 years ago to no avail, not even my latin grocery store sells them 🙁 my only hope is the Trader Joe's and Whole Foods that are opening in my town later this year so maybe I can make sopa de flor and quesadillas con flor too. these look crazy good!

  3. Mely,

    This is one I would like to try delicious. Love that fresh squash blossoms. I haven't seen here. Let ask my hubby to look for. If you have empanada cover post can you give link I need to make them.

  4. Una de mis quesadillas favoritas( aparte de las de queso) !! Gracias Mely, por esta rica receta.

    Ps: conteste tu comment hace ya un buen rato, no se si lo viste?

    Saludos! y que estés disfrutando de un rico verano.

  5. Hi Mely! We have zucchini in the garden and there are a few flowers on them… I'm looking forward to enough to do something with. These quesadillas look great!

  6. Querida Mely,
    come tengo flores de calabaza en el refri, hoy voy a hacer quesadillas de flor de calabaza en tu honor.

    Un gran abrazo!

    • Un abrazo, Querido Flavio.

      Saludos a tu esposa y familia.

      Esto es una de las cosas buenas del blog. Conocer gente con gustos afines como tu aunque estemos lejos.


  7. I love. LOve,LOVE quesadillas de flor de calabaza! I have 4huge plants of butternut and other squash growing in my back yard that are producing lotas do blossoms. I'll take your suggestion for our next meal. Mely, no Te pierdas! We miss you!

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