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  1. Ay, this post makes me crave agua de sandia! My mamá made some the other day when I went to visit her. It's my favorite! It's very hot in the city I live, so I think I'll pick up a sandia next time I go grocery shopping so I can make some agua fresca. Great post!

  2. I am delighted to see instructions for making aguas frescos. My very favorite is Jamaica. I feel very blessed to live in a town with very heavy Mexican population, so I can get important ingredients like Jamaica in bulk and for reasonable prices (I live in El Paso). I like the idea of trying the fruit ones, and also tamarind.

  3. Mmmm…all of these aguas frescas look divine! I love agua de guanábana. It is my absolute favorite. ~Nicole

  4. I love the mango one! By chance have you shared a recipe of i cant remember what its called: Its a corn tortilla sliced open on side and stuffed with meats, beans, etc.? I love them and moved from South Texas to Maine and am dieing for good Mexican food.

    • Hello Andrea,

      I used to have a waring blender, and those do a pretty good job, but now, I have a vitamix. Some people use a strainer to remover the pulp.

      Happy cooking!

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