Chorizo Potato Crispy Tacos

Tacos Dorados is something very simple to make but it has its work with all the preparation. It is a meal that everyone will enjoy at home, and that is something we can all relate too.


8 people




35 mins



– First, I recommend peeling the potatoes and boiling them until well cooked. While the potatoes are cooking, you can start your prep work to have everything in hand when the tacos are ready.



– Start by cutting the cilantro, lettuce and have everything set to build your taco. I recommend picking the red onions one night before so they can be ready the next day. I will provide that recipe with this delicious taco recipe. There are many ways to compliment your tacos, for example, you can cook some red rice or refried beans. Many people like to add avocado on top with plenty of homemade salsa.



– Cook the chorizo with a spoonful of olive oil, when ready add the potatoes and mash them together. You are going to make a chorizo mash, adding a pinch of salt, garlic powder, and oregano. It is very important to season your taco filling for a bold flavor, many people won’t season it thinking the chorizo will give the entire flavor. You will notice the difference when seasoned with the oregano. It provides aroma, besides just being salty with just plain salt.



– Fill your tortillas and close them with a toothpick, so your filling won’t come out while frying or your taco may open.



– When set fry the oil in a pan large enough to fit at least 4 of the tacos. It is better to cook little by little than a much bigger batch so your tacos will fry well. Let the oil be very hot, when you put your taco in because if it is not hot enough your tacos won’t come out, as they should. Their consistency will be chewy and we want them “bien dorados”. Let them sit for a minute for the excess oil to dry. After that, you can enjoy your tacos with everything on top. Enjoy!