Cactus Salad

I don’t know other vegetables so accessible, so frequent, so combined and as versatile as the cactus. Can be used in many and various ways as imagination dictates, either in a simple salad... Cactus Salad with Pomegranate and a Xoconostle dessert, I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe.


4 people




50 mins



– The cactus is cut across as thin as possible and put in boiling water. There are countless ways to cook Nopales and remove the slime produce when you are cutting them and even to imprint an artificial green. I prefer the simplest. I put them in water to a boil, making sure that when the foam begins to rise turn off the heat, strain the Nopales, add clean water to the pot and put again to cook 6 minutes in salted water. Then I let them cool.



– The corn kernels are cooked in salted water and let it cool.



– I put the poblano peppers to a boil in two cups of water with 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 teaspoon oregano, salt to taste and a drizzle of olive oil. Once you have cooked and seasoned cut into slices and leave to cool, they do not need to drain, it is best to keep a little of the broth in which they were boiled, as it serves as a light dressing to the salad.



– Mix in a salad bowl shredded Oaxaca cheese, Poblano strips, kernels of corn, cactus, drained and finally the pomegranate seeds. I served it using a ring mold and remove it in the plate.



Xoconostles in Syrup – Cut the Xoconostles in half, peel and remove the seeds . Place in a pot with the water and sugar and cook in a low heat. until the water has reduce to 1 cup. After 20 minutes add the cinnamon stick. Check the syrup, if the fruit is not already cooked and the taste is too acidic add more sugar to taste and add a little more water if it has already evaporated. Do not overcook, their texture should be firm and delicate.