Chile  Pepper Salsa

This Ancho-Arbol Chile Pepper Salsa is excellent for those that love spicy sauces. You can adjust the spiciness by adding more Ancho peppers and reducing the amount of Arbol peppers. It is an easy recipe, and it lasts up to 4 days in your fridge. This salsa freezes very well, too.

– Place the peppers in a warm skillet, make sure the heat is at medium high. Slightly toast them turning one for about 45 seconds. Allow them to release their aroma. If you place the chile peppers in a very hot skillet, the peppers will burn, and your salsa will have a bitter taste.



– Soak peppers in a bowl with 1-½ cup of hot water for about 25 minutes or until they are soft.



– Once the peppers are soft, drain the water and place into the blender; add the garlic clove and ⅔ cup of water. Process until you have a very smooth salsa, I use a Vitamix, and this step takes about a minute.



Heat the vegetable oil in s medium-size frying pan at and pour the sauce. Sometimes, blenders do not process dried peppers to a very fine texture, in that case, use a strainer to pour the sauce into the saucepan.



– Just before serving, season with salt and enjoy your Ancho-Arbol Chile Pepper salsa.



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