Corn Masa

The use of ready-made corn masa is now more common, and they are widely used to make tortillas and other corn-based meals. However, and thinking of those of you who are far away from México, here we are presenting you with the recipe to prepare your own home-made corn masa...

– Use clean corn seed, remove any chaff from the corn husk, rinse with tap water, and then remove any excess water using a plastic colander.



– Put the corn into a non-corrosive pot. Use 2 to three liters of water per each one kilo of corn. Add two table spoons of dried powered lime (Mexican cal) dissolved in ½ cup of filtered water.



– Transfer all these ingredients into a clay pot (preferably) and let it boil for few minutes (15-20 minutes), stir slowly using a wooden kitchen spoon. Remove the pot from the stove, cover it with a lid and let it cool overnight.



– You know that the corn is ready if it easily peels off when you rub it with your fingers after 15 -20 minutes of cooking.



– The next day, remove all the liquid (also known as “nejayote”), and rinse the corn two or three times rubbing off the loose skin, until the kernels are quite white and the water looks clean. Drain well.



– Now the corn is ready for the grinder. You can use the ancient “metate”, but we are going to describe the grinding process using a manual plate grinder. Start grinding the corn in small batches twice or three times until it has a fine texture. Add enough water and mix until it forms a dough.



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