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Torta de Jamón Mexicana, Today I will show you how to make a Traditional Mexican sandwich, or “Torta”, which is a national passion here in México. The “torta” or “lonche” is made of many flavors, or better said many fillings. 
Course Antojitos
Cuisine Mexican


  • First, we need to have some refried beans. To do so, mash some cooked beans and fry them in a pan. They need to be mashed first and then fried with some onion, to give them some taste.
  • Now a good bread for a Mexican torta is the french bread, open your bread by making a slit in one of its sides. Spread some mayonnaise in one of the slices and the refried beans on the other. You can find the Mexican Bread recipe HERE.
  • Now place the fillings of your choice, in this case, I used ham and fresh cheese (queso fresco). Add sliced ​​tomatoes, avocado, and pickled jalapeño peppers. (You can get them canned at any Latin store.)
  • Add lettuce and you’re all done.